My lips crushed against hers again, this time more passionate and fierce than the last. She reciprocated with equal force, and tangled her fingers into my hair, while I released her ginger hair from it's messy bun. Despite being warm and snug in her baggy sweatpants, and a sweatshirt I gave her, she shivered underneath my touch when I ran my hands down her sides, and back up. I twisted us around, gripping her hips to make sure that neither of us fell, and stumbled backwards with her.

See I liked being a Prefect. We had offices, nice bathrooms, and even a bedroom with thick enough stone and cinder block walls that nothing was really heard, and we had privacy. The downside was that, in order to get us to my bed, I had to stumble with Alexa still attached to my lips, across my office, through the bathroom door I just struggled to open, and into my bedroom, where I finally could scoop her up, only breaking the kiss for a moment, and take her to the bed, kicking the door closed behind me.

"Are you sure?" I whispered against her lips. Alexa could only nod. I reached up and immediately removed my glasses, fogged from our heated kissing session. I also made sure that my heated mattress pad was on, because the fireplace I had (Prefect privilege as well) wasn't on, and my bedroom didn't receive heat, so it got cold. Our offices had heat, but the bedrooms didn't, which nobody understood. I picked up my miniature stapler, and chucked it just right, so it kit the switch for the fireplace, so we could heat the room up (no pun intended). While all of this was going on, I was still kissing Alexa fiercely, and now was slowly pulling off her sweatshirt, and my t-shirt. She gasped when I kissed her neck, and ran my hands down her back. I pulled up a blanket to our waists, and continued on kissing her, fumbling around with the clasp of her bra. My fingers were shaking. Not only was this an adrenaline rush for me, I was dead nervous too.

"What will your dad say?"

"Who cares. He had Austin and me before he married Mum." I said, pressing my lips to her chest lightly, and feeling a bit triumphant when the bra came free. "How the hell do you put this on in the morning?" She giggled breathily, and started fumbling with my belt buckle. After she got my belt pulled from it's loops, she started with the button on my jeans. I kicked my shoes off, her moccasin slippers already slid off her feet, along with the mismatched blue and black fuzzy socks piled on the floor with my shoes. I was sliding her sweatpants down her hips, and growled when I found the basketball shorts under her sweatpants.

"You really have far too many layers on." She laughed, sounding nervous. "You okay?" I asked, stopping short.

"'s just...I knew we had decided to try tonight, so I put on more layers to help easy the tension, hoping that if it took longer, I'd be hornier and begging for release more than nervous." She said. I was glad for her bluntness with me. I wasn't the only one.

"Oh. If that's the case, then I'm all good with it." I said, going back to removing her sweatpants, then her basketball shorts. I was soon left in only my boxers, and her in her panties. (I seriously despise that word. I don't know why, I My fingers nervously fiddled with the lacy waistband of her underwear. She wasn't quite willing to take off my boxers just yet. So I reached up, into my side table drawer, and found the box I needed. I made sure to have the right protection, just in case. It was really awkward. Not buying the condoms in general, just the fact that my Uncle is the pharmacist in the Village, and was quite surprised that there was any chance I'd need them.

"You ready?"

"Nervous. Can we work up to it some more?" Alexa wasn't ready yet. I mean, she was ready to get this far but she was to nervous to be...prepared. So I took her small, pale-skinned, delicate hands into my own, and intertwined my fingers with hers, pinning them against the bed, grinding my hips into hers. I could feel my boxers growing tighter by the second.

"You okay?" I asked when she gasped.

"I think..." I nodded, gulped, and removed her underwear. I was nervous about taking my boxers off. I didn't like being completely exposed. Once I did though, the gasp of shock and eyes going wide made me smirk in a rather smug fashion, and wait at her entrance.

"You sure you're ready for me?" I asked, unsure.

"Positive." She whispered. I let go of her hands, and she gripped the back of my neck. "Just be careful." She whispered. I pressed a feather-light kiss to her forehead, knowing that she was scared.

"I always will be, my love." I whispered, before guiding myself in. She whimpered in pain. I moved slowly, trying hard not to hurt her. Alexa's finger's trembled against me as I slowly filled her. I didn't move. "I'll wait right here until you're ready, sweetheart." I whispered in her ear. "My beautiful queen." It was a nickname I'd come up with for her after she had kicked my arse in chess with her Queen as her last standing piece, besides her king.

"This feels weird." She whispered. I looked at her, confused.

"What feels weird?"

"Being...filled." Alexa blushed a beautiful shade of pink. "It's not something I'm used to." I smiled, and placed another kiss to her forehead.

"You ready, by love?" Alexa went quiet for another moment.

"Yeah." She said. "I think so." I started pulling out, before thrusting. The first few times I thrust were slow, awkward, and made her wince in pain, which made me apologize over and over again in guilt. After the fourth or fifth time, however, she started gasping in pleasure, and moaning. I was joining her in the noises of pleasure, and soon, my bedroom sounded like I was watching a porno. Like I said, lucky the walls were thick, and hard to hear through. After only a few minutes, I had orgasmed. She did too, while I was still riding out mine. Exhausted, I pulled out, and rolled over next to her.

"That was a lot different then what I was expecting." Alexa said. I pressed a kiss to her forehead. I liked kissing her forehead. Still do, far as I'm concerned. "But it was nice." I pulled my blankets up higher, and snugged against her, now kissing her temple.

"Good. Except I'm bushed." I said. She giggled, and leaned in to press her lips against my mouth. We snuggled warmer under the blankets, and were soon asleep.

The next morning, I let her shower at my place, and I snuck her through the secret passage in my office back to her rooms for clothes, while I ran back for a quick shower and a shave, throwing on some clothes, and heading out the door, barely having time to comb my hair, and brush my teeth. Alexa was one of the bravest, strongest women I knew, yet she was terrified of the spiders in the secret passage. I decided that I would clean it out, and hang lights in it, so that she could navigate it alone, and we could have more time. Or, maybe bringing some clothes to my room wouldn't be a bad idea. I had a drop ceiling, and I knew a great ceiling tile to hide them in...

I noticed that I was sore all over. But I was in a better mood then I'd ever been. Hmm, must be some post-coital affects that I didn't know about. I got a text.

Sore all over. Even 'down there' if you know what I mean.

Yeah, me too, except not the 'down there' part.

Lucky you. Meet you soon. Too sore to put real clothes on, scrubbing it today.

Last night should prove to you what 'scrubbing it' does to me. ;)

Was that a suggestive flirt, Seth Jones?

Why, I believe so, Alexa Swiff. :)

Feeling cheeky, are we?

Always, my love. Always.

I smirked, put my phone in my pocket, and walked away. I went into the cafeteria, and through the line, talking to Pierre as we went. He looked at me in a surprised way when he finally turned around to look at me properly. I could see my dad watching me in shock, Stratford and Rider giving me the thumbs up, and Professor Alexander watching all three of them, mildly amused. That was weird...

I sat down, and found Remus, Bobby, and Andy all looking at me in surprise.

"What's wrong with you guys, you act like you've never seen a guy eat breakfast before." I said. Andy blushed, but Bobby and Remus continued to stare at me. "What is wrong with you guys?" I took a drink of my cold water bottle.

"You got laid last night." Instead of spitting it out like in the movies, I choked on it, and it spilled down the front of my shirt. It was icy, and far too cold for my liking, so I gasped in the shock, mingled with the surprise that Remus figured it out so quickly.

"What makes you think that?" I asked.

"You just...seem different." Remus said. "Happier, more relaxed." I stared at him, then burst out laughing. It was more out of shock, rather than craziness, or actual humor.

"What makes you think that I got laid by that standard?"

"I can tell you right now."

"No thanks, I'd prefer it if you stayed out of my sex life." I said. Remus laughed.

"So I was right."

"I never said that."

"...So I was right." I sighed, and concentrated on my breakfast. Sean sat down.

"Hey, guys."

"Oh, hey Sean." I said, going back to my toast. Sean looked surprised.

"That's how I know. You never just say 'hey' to anyone. Even me." Remus said. He had me. I sighed.

"All right, fine. You win. I got laid last night." I rolled my eyes while picking up my cinnamon roll, and biting into it. It melted in my mouth. The best kind of breakfast, right there. "I don't see how my sex life matters you three." Bobby held out a fist.

"All right, welcome to the club." I rolled my eyes, but lightly collided my fist with Bobby's. Alexa joined us then. I leaned in, and kissed her.

"You taste like cinnamon rolls."

"That would be my breakfast, love." I said. She giggled with an adorable little blush to her face. I smiled.

"That would make sense." She replied, snuggling against me. "IS it just me, or is it really cold in here?"

"No, it's chilly." Remus said. Bobby nodded in agreement. I pulled my jacket off, and wrapped it around her shoulders. My mother would be proud.

"Thanks Seth." Alexa said. We ate our breakfast.

Well...that could have gone better...