The way the most trivial of things can keep you remembering…

Unforgettable – Trivial Simpleness

Walking through the falling leaves
That burn with defiant undertones,
An arm looped through mine.
But the feeling is foreign, out of place,
And I can't enjoy this like I did with her

My inner eye catches the details
My memories would rather avoid.
Scenery that we used to admire together,
Little things that gave seed to the words we shared.

I remember, but keep it all inside
For the one standing next to me now
Does not appreciate what she understood,
And whenever I see her with others,
My heart ices over,
Making me long for her,
Again, and again, and again.
More, and more, and more.

These feelings are brought forth
By only one thing:
The pulsing warmth of her hand
Ingrained in my palm, like that of a searing iron.
Though channeled through incredibly small hands,
It was what kept my heart a furnace
When winter would chill my breath white.

This story that started with her
But ended by me
Surfaces in my consciousness
Like waves frequenting a sandy beach
Drawn to shore by the gravity of this warmth
That still lingers and clings to my freezing skin
Every time the seasons get colder.
Every time her eyes meet mine.

It's the reason why
I refuse to grasp the hand of another;
Though smooth, cool and soothing
It can never compare
To the lasting, comforting heat of hers
That makes my heart pound and sets my flesh ablaze
As though coursing electricity shoots through my veins.

This inability to forget her,
The warmth of her fingers entwined with mine.
It's a shocking revelation to me
That something as simple as this
Could leave an eternal impression
And forbid me to forget
Her eyes, her laughter, her touch.

And my memories whisper to me
Simple images
Unforgettable feelings

But that is all they are:
Trivial memories.

A/N: Hoping I conveyed it properly, thanks for reading!