Author's Note: This is the first story of this kind I am doing. This is because a girl named Emma on Omegle demanded that I name a character after her. Here's your character Emma.


Emma ran across the field, her breath coming out in gasps and pants and her bloodied feet pounding hard on the ground. Just a couple more yards. A couple more yards and she would be safe. A couple more yards and she would be in the trees, hidden away where that… that thing couldn't get her.

Or so she thought.

Just as she was about to step out of the clearing, something slammed into her back and shoved her to the ground. With a pained groan she tried to push herself up, but it was no use. The creature that had been chasing her was putting all of its weight onto her back to keep her down. All she could do was lie there, feeling its hot breath on the back of her neck and its low growls filling her ears. Was this really how it was going to end? Was this really what she had been put on the Earth to do, to be ripped to shreds by this horrible creature?

She whimpered in fear as she felt the monster's forked tongue flicker on the back of her neck and its scaly muzzle scrap against her ear. And then…

Nothing. It was gone. Emma sat there for a moment longer before slowly sitting up and looking around. The creature, whatever it was, had vanished. She smiled to herself at the thought. Maybe she did have something else in store for her, something better. With that happy thought in mind she stood up. All of that fear for absolutely nothing, it made her feel silly.

And that's when, out of nowhere, it pounced on her. This time it knocked her onto her back and pushed its weight onto her chest to keep her from getting up. With wide, frightened eyes she gazed up at the monster, taking in everything from its scaly, red, reptile-like face to its bode that seemed to alternate between patches of crimson scales and patches of thick, black, matted fur. It had huge disfigured paws with razor shard claws, and grotesque curled horns protruding from its scaly head. Its muzzle broke out into a sick and twisted grin, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth.

"I would never kill you unless you were facing me, girl," it hissed. Its words weren't really spoken; it was as if they formed in her head, replacing her own thoughts with the beast's.

"P-please, don't do this," she whimpered, making a pathetic attempt at struggling under its gigantic paws. Tears streamed down her cheeks and her words caught in her throat. "Please, don't do this; just let me go you don't have to do this, please!"

"Oh, but child, I want to do this."

Birds fled from their trees as the forest echoed with screams of agony and suffering as well as the sickening sounds of flesh being torn apart and bones being crushed to pieces. And then, as abruptly as it had started, it all stopped. It was done.

Emma was dead.

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