Author's Note: Someone else who demanded they be in a story. He also roleplays as a dog, so I made him a dog in her to make it work.


The old dog curled up on the sidewalk, shivering in the pouring rain. His dark fur was tangled and matted with dirt and blood. His ribs protruded through the thin layer of skin, showing the world how little he had to eat. He let out a soft, weak, pleading whimper, begging the people that passed for something, anything to eat. But they just walked on, doing their best to ignore the poor starving dog.

The dog looked down sadly at a faded red collar, the rusty name tag just barely readable. Susmoy. That had been his name once, a long time ago, when he lined in a house instead of on the streets. Back when he ate two meals a day and was loved and cared for by his human, Kenny. Back when Kenny was still aliveā€¦

Susmoy whimpered at the memory. Blood, there was so much blood, and Kenny wouldn't get up no matter how many times Susmoy nudged him in an attempted to wake him. He had stayed for hours, waiting for Kenny to open his eyes so they could play again, but he never did. Kenny was gone.

Without anyone willing to take him in, Susmoy had been dumped on the street. For a while it had been okay; kids would pet him and people would feed him scraps. But after a while he began to look old and mangy. Kids no longer pet him, and people ignored him instead of feeding him. After months of this, Susmoy was lying on the sidewalk, hanging onto his fragile life by a thread and dreaming of better days. Dreaming of his home, a place where he was loved and cared for.

But now, with all of that gone, he had nothing. For what was a dog without someone to love and care for?

The sad old dog closed his eyes, taking in one last breath before his body went completely still. Finally, after months of suffering, it was over. He was finally going to rejoin his master.

Final Thoughts: Again, not that good I know, but I didn't work to hard. It didn't take very long to write, and I wasn't too concerned with quality. Please review what you think.