I watched you from afar,
Hidden from your view.
You left me with deep emotional scars,
And you never even knew.

What I wouldn't give,
To be with you 'till the bitter end.
But I know when you're unresponsive,

That your heart you will not lend.

It is reserved for that special someone,
The one that's always there.
With them, you're always having fun,
With them, You always care.

You stab my heart with a sharpened dagger,
Your words are silver knives.
They reduce my heart to a drunken stagger,
When I realize they're not lies.

They aren't even directed at me,
But that's what makes them hurt so bad.
The tender words you speak, can't you see!
What fragile nerves they touch.

I tried to hate that special person,
For taking you away.
But that just made the pain worsen,
For they deserve to stay.

I couldn't hate them, it didn't work,
Because of the way they made you smile.
When I realized this I went berserk,
Then went into denial.

So I tried to hate you instead,
Because you never noticed.
But that only made me feel more dead,

So instead I'll hate myself,
This evil, scheming part of my soul.
The way I sneak around with a twisted stealth,
And the part of my heart that's as black as coal.

I will wish,
For your everlasting joy,
And with an inaudible 'swish',
I will follow you like a lost boy.

But you won't find out where I lie,
Because me you never did see.
Even when you were passing by,
Unnoticeable, that was me.

Because to you,
I am,