A single tear,
Is all it takes to make a ripple in the pond.
But it takes a flood of tears,
to make someone notice and respond.

So I refuse to cry,
I will hold all my tears inside.
Until a single tear leaks out,

From the glass I try to hide.

My hidden glass then formed a crack,
And the tears started to flow.
Soon the crack grew bigger,
Now more tears will go.

I hide myself from the world,
Showing nobody my grief.
I need to let my tears out,
As my time here will be brief.

So I let my tears openly flow,
Crying all day and night.
I am drowning in my sorrow,
But my tears I do not fight.

My tears have certainly become a flood,
They've overflown the pond.
But no one will ever notice,
Because there's no one there to respond.