I don't know how to deal with this.
I just know it's going to be you I'll miss.
I've already figured you're going to leave.
And I hate it because then I'll only have me.

I always knew alone is how I'd wind up.
But it's too early to leave all these wrists to be cut.
Because when I'm by myself, that's all I'll want to do.
Especially now when I can't see you.

My keeper stays and rarely leaves the next room.
While I'm locked inside this undecorated tomb.
All I have that's non-harming now
Are my thoughts and I and an unbreakable vow.

But this vow is something I've yet to make
And therefore its promise is something I'm allowed to break.
And break it, you can be sure that I will.
And with all of this blood, a few buckets you'll fill.