We seem to be moving on,
But of course I can't be sure.
I hope this time I'm not wrong,
Because I've still yet to be cured.

I'm under watch and lock.
Last time's punishment isn't yet done.
But maybe the worth is wearing off,
And hopefully I won't be forced to run.

Away are where my thoughts take me.
Thankfully, I'm not often bored.
But sometimes, they still forsake me,
And I'll believe nothing is what I'm moving toward.

As usual, you cloud my mind.
And so does he and she.
Soon, perhaps, I'll leave this behind,
And I'll finally be able to breathe.

Until then, I'll try and move on.
But of course, I'm still not sure.
This time, I'll still probably wrong
And I'll likely never find a cure.