Talking about death
Is just something that we do.
But I don't think you know
Just how much of that is true.

Most of the time,
I just want to die.
And don't put it past me
To give in and try.

I've done it before
And I'll do it again.
Because I can't take so much –
I need it to end.

And I'll end my problems
If I end my life.
I know this, and you know this.
I tend to think it's worth a try.

They tell me to stop.
That it gets better eventually.
But eventually isn't now,
And now is what I need.

I'm trying to give this up
But every day is just a struggle.
But I'm still walking and talking and breathing
And I'm always thinking of the others.

The others who have it worse,
So much worse than me.
Besides, I've got things to do.
And that gives me strength to breathe.