So we're together now
At least, I think that we are.
But we're moving too fast
And we're going too far.

We need to slow down
And make sure this will work.
Because if we don't even try,
Things will only get worse.

Not that I can imagine
How that could even be.
Things aren't really great now.
In fact, they're going quite terribly.

If this keeps getting worse
And we don't try to fix it,
Then why do we think
We can avoid any ruin?

If you ask me,
It's a stupid mistake.
It builds up, then blows down
And it's one I won't make.

Try to understand
That I'm being quite truthful.
If you don't listen to me
You won't get any approval.

The things you want most,
I can easily take away.
And it won't harm me,
So do it, I may…