The cold October wind blew through her auburn hair, tossing her curls back sending shivers down her spine.

Leaves scattered everywhere in their fall colors seemed to add to the sadness surrounding her.

Even the little birds had a sad way about them, they sang as if saying goodbye to the well-known earth.

Joining their melody Darcy Evans sat as if glued to the swing under her, the scenes of the past days circled her as

if they were the present.

Sucking in the cold air that bit at her throat, she floated back to the happier times.

When everyone that saw her and Joshua Blake together would tell them they were meant for each other, then

when they sat all those sleepless nights together waiting and watching the sunrises.

What an encouragement it was to have all those pleasant little talk with his parents; in her imagination they were


Sometimes she would catch herself wishing they were hers Not that hers were bad they just didn't have what

Josh's had to offer.

Watching a young couple walk by with the most adorable blonde haired baby with clear blue eyes, pain struck her

to the point that she couldn't take another breath.

Fighting back the tears she remembered that day when in the midst of all the trouble ,he pulled her out of the

house he blind folded her telling her it was a secret where he was taking her.

Driving for what seemed like forever; he helped her out of the car and guided her as if a child not knowing how to walk.

oh how her heart-felt like it was going to explode from happiness, when upon taking her blind fold off she looked in

to his deep hazel eyes he stood not far from her on one knee with a big sign that read "marry me"

the scene was so powerful that on that day she knew that it would stick with her till she died.

Sighing she remembered their last day together, tears streaked her face as his words came back to haunt her.

"Darcy" he said "It doesn't matter where I will go or how far it will be, we'll always be together! I feel it right here in

my heart."

He said it while gazing deep into her blue eyes filled with tears.

She knew she had to let him go, but somewhere in her soul she felt like he was saying Goodbye!

On that day something told her that convincing him to make the trip was a mistake that once he sat into the plane

that was the end. He left and with him was lost her love, her peace, her comfort but most of all her protection.

Oh, how she wished she knew that upon flying over the Atlantic Ocean, his plane would break.

She wished she could change the disaster, and if that was not possible she wished she died with him.

What a night mare his parents gave her for her encouraging him, but how was she suppose to know, all she had

were her feeling and no facts to prove that something may happen.

she was not God and could not see the that was not it what hurt more was that her mother, her dear old mother

took their side, with the help of her dad of course.

There was nothing left to live for everything that she held dear to her heart was rudely torn from her, they didn't

even think of the deep wound they caused.

The memories of her past and present left her with only one choice, the only choice that beat through her mind like

a heartbeat.

The last thought was...