Trying to hide these feelings,

These emotions that I must conceal,

Thoughts that I cannot reveal.

I yearn for your life,

Your warmth and protection,

But my heart has been mauled by a black knife,

Ripping my soul in weared shreds,

Leaving my feet as heavy as lead.

Every step I take now is as far as a mile,

I trip and fall whenever I imagine your smile.

You were everything I needed, everything I longed for,

I was content with us and ready to continue through that door.

But I have been shot by a thousand arrows,

Thier sharp heads slicing through my flesh,

Thier scars long and narrow,

But deep as an ocean trench.

I cry heavy sobs,

Every tear draining me of life,

This pain, this endless suffering,

To explain it, no words could ever suffice.