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Any beginning of a love is unique in its own way. A beginning always marks an ending. How the ending will turn out to be like, it all depends on the owners of the love bond. Nothing can stop love from taking place. Not even time…

Episode 1

Date: 14th Nov 1950

Place: Chinatown, Singapore

Time: 3.30pm

Name: Daniel Sim

Occupation: Fugitive/ Treasure hunter

Age: 23

Story begins…

In a place where gangsters and hooligans once strode the streets, destroy the lives of the people, interrupted the peaceful lives of the natives, police officers had the area under close surveillance and trained army force bombarding the area. Rich merchants escaped the town to the nearby European area, formerly known as Raffles Place. The ones left are the poor peasants and foreigners like the Sam Sui women.

Why, you may ask. Well, that's because the world government is finding the man who held the key to the secret treasure – the famous treasure that is known to be hidden underground somewhere in London. He was once held captive and jailed for refusing to tell the truth but now, with his comrades, they escaped the prison and were determined to fight against the world government while finding the world's biggest treasure left behind by Leonardo Da Vinci.

In an underground secret compartment, the well-known infamous fugitive, Daniel Sim and his comrades are hiding in a place where the police officers are most concentrated in. They hid themselves well underground, as they discussed about their plan to get the treasure.

"Louise, you got the boat ready?" Daniel asked. Louise is rather tall and lanky, with short spiky hair and a dragon-pendant necklace around his neck. He had a fetish for dragon or whatsoever since he had his back tattoed with a huge black dragon.

"Yeah, of course! Leon is there waiting for us, disguised as an old fisherman," he said. He went on to explain the whole situation to his group members for them to have a clearer idea of their escape plan to London. Leon had bought one motor boat that is big enough for four people and had stocked up enough food and drinks to last them for the trip to London. He had disguised himself well as a fisherman, with yellow rubber boots and everything ready and had hired some trained and strong fighters to protect them when they board the ship. The fighters are disguised as fisherman as well.

"So, what's our disguise to board Leon's boat?" Daniel asked as he scrutinized the map of Singapore when Louise pointed to Daniel and Peter, the other member of the group, at where Leon is at right now.

"Peter is going to disguise as a tourist, wearing shorts and Hawaiian shirt with a pair of binoculars around his neck. Peter, you are going to board the boat at where Leon is right now, Clark Quay. Is that clear? I am going to disguise myself as another fisherman and board the boat at a hundred meters away to the East from Clark Quay, 'fishing' away to divert their attention. As for Daniel…"

"Yeah? What about me?" Daniel narrowed his eyes at Louise. For some reason, he had a bad feeling about his disguise.

"You're going to board the ship at Harbourfront as Leon's pregnant wife," Louise sped through the sentence like a bullet train and turn away to face Peter, trying to ignore Daniel's devil smirk.

"Me. A woman. Pregnant. Leon's wife." Daniel broke the keywords down into sentences.

Louise swallowed his spit and felt cold sweat cascading down from his forehead like waterfall. He would be dead meat by now if he is some stranger to Daniel.

"I am pretty sure he said that," Peter was enjoying the show casted by his two group members too much that he decided to add oil to fire.

"Oh really?" Daniel neared Louise and cracked his knuckles.

"I am so going to kill you, Peter!" Louise said and ran away, trying to escape away from the Devil's claws.

Peter stood there, laughing and smiling at his friends.

These group of friends may be fugitives running away from the world's government, in search for a world's treasure, but they are pretty much young adults who are best friends who mess and fight around like normal people.

If only the world's government is not that selfish as to force them to spit out the location of the treasure. If only the world's government had not sacrificed so many innocent lives just to capture them.

If only the world is not materialistic, Daniel and his friends would not have to find the treasure and share the fortune with the unfortunate and poor.

If only the world is kinder…

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