I'm Sorry For The Things I've Yet To Do

It starts with a scotch-hold-the-rocks 10 miles away
Except, we don't know that yet, we don't know that later tonight
While we're in a 24/7 buying instant coffee and car cleaner
A light will be green, a phone will buzz and someone we didn't listen to long enough
To get a name, or any sort of name with any meaning, will hit the curve on an angle
And no name will let go of the wheel because there was too much scotch and
Not enough rocks in his drink and it's as he's thinking this, as he's contemplating
The ratio of ice-water-scotch that he will plow through the front window of the convenience store
Right through feminine products and into the milk fridge.
At the time, you'll be holding a pack of gum that you had no intention of paying for
And in all the mess never will end up paying for.
It's in that moment between the shatter of glass and the moment of impact that I'll wonder,
Just for a second, just for a moment, that if we'd had priorities, if we thought it was more important
To buy milk than crap coffee and steal gum
Then maybe it would have been me under that car, or maybe it would have been you
And maybe I wouldn't know which was worse so I'd have to find out, I'd have to
Know, one way or the other and that's why this will all start, and I'll be sorry
That I was always the cat called curiosity. I'll be sorry that I couldn't let it be. I'll be sorry
That I'm not sure if I'm all that sorry.