Hidden Shadows

Walking day by day I go off into the world unknown, trekking off alone like a grown woman instead of the girl everyone sees me to be. No one notices or even cares while I walk the empty streets. Papers fly uselessly around, and forgotten by everyone animals roam freely, a wild light in their eyes. Through this place I walk not caring about the dangers. I run and skip; dance and play, sometimes even scream and cry. Still though all the noise I make I am still as alone as always before.

Days pass, weeks and months, finally even years but still each day I roam this place as I try to get away. I long to escape the place I am, to move these lead filled feet and maybe, just maybe if I can be brave, to stand and look into the eyes of the beast and yell "No! Go away!" until it does and I am free.

Instead however my body sits still, silently living each day, while my mind runs wild through those empty roads, alone in a world all its own. This is the way I am, and this is the way I will stay, until a day of freedom comes, I cannot get away. Instead I'll bide my time, I'll sit right here and wait. Looking out the window, I will dream of such a day. A day when these adventures, I will surely take.