This was inspired by listening to the song, I Believe in Christmas and imagined stuff.

Izz and his family are preparing to celebrate Christmas, but Bronx is not a fan of the festive season, until he makes an new friend Zuba who helps him open his heart to this time of year.

It was the beginning of December and in the human world and it meant that Christmas was coming as Aisha and Izz were playing in the snow having fun since it had snowed last night but were excited for the festive season.

Both young Psammeads were excited about the festive season, spending it with their family and friends but Aisha saw that Izz was sad about something.

He wore a locket, which held a picture of him and Bronx as kids which made him sad since he missed Bronx as his older brother had moved away to Aria.

He then decided to go to Aria opening a portal but went through as Aisha followed him but he didn't mind and appeared in Latanis as they were going to have fun, seeing his Queen there and having fun.

She hugged him because she'd been helping the others decorate the castle and as Jen and Ogre Child smiled seeing him but Bronx was quiet but smiled seeing Aisha and Izz because he'd missed them.

"Hey, you're okay, bro.

It's the gretest time of year, you know?" Izz said.

The brown grey furred male Psammead scowled at his brother's words.

"You know, that I'm not a fan of Christmas, Izz." he told him.

Aisha sighed as they were going to Frostia but Bronx sensed somebody needed him going to the Nympian Forest.

Zuba was scared, as she was in an avalanche and couldn't get out as Bronx's snail like eyes widened seeing it but using his magic to help the Arian out, and his snail like eyes widened seeing a dark brown furred female Psammead and was in awe bringing her back to the purple bricked castle as Skye could help her, returning there going inside.