Whispers run like there's noone there,

I catch your eyes in guilty stares,

The angel wings nobody sees,

No use against the gentlest seas,

The rotting stench under your nose,

The blatant lies to decompose,

A touch so soft, a touch so fake,

Disguise, ensconce, the lies you make,

Charming words and deeply vile,

Feral, growing more hostile,

Always like an aimless chore,

Close your eyes to senseless war.

Something I wrote when trying to think of something for a poetry competition. It's about someone I was friends with for a long time, and it came to a bitter, rotten end. For a long time we hated each other, and in many ways, I still do hate her, but I've gotten to the point where I just don't see the point in hating her anymore, even though I can't let go of that hatred. Pointless hate, senseless war. Reviews are appreciated