They called me a 'wild dog'

Is it really what I am?

They say that I'm a broken tool that no-one understands,

I don't think that they can hear me,

But someone tells me that they can,

But I know that they don't see me,

Or the beauty that I am,

I'm not wrong, I swear I'm not,

Not broken, sick, or strange,

I'm not different, I'm not damaged

And I am not deranged,

Just because my head might function,

Alternatly to yours,

The only difference,

Is I don't care about the pain I cause.

'Insanity' is similar to my 'Child's Play' in that it's based around a man who's slightly insane, but doesn't want to be viewed as "different" or "damaged" by society, the root of his hatred of other people. Reviews are appreciated.