A charming smile, pretty face,

And from neck down, a grotesque place,

Ugliness blinds her own sight,

And model thin becomes her "right",

Empty plate, resolve of steel,

And never eat another meal,

Glowing numbers at her toes,

Jutting hips make daring shows,

How could the mirror trick her own eyes?

How could her mind enforce these lies?

A charming smile, pale face,

And from neck down, a thinning place,

Growing thin at such a rate,

Beauty's fading from her traits,

Since when was beauty dull and bleak,

Brittle hair and nails weak,

A sickly frown, and a hollow face,

And from neck down, a grotesque place.

Obviously an anorexia poem. I've never had anorexia, so I don't really know if I've captured the reality of it, any sufferers or ex-sufferers opinions would help greatly, and I wish any sufferers the best in their recovery. Reviews are appreciated.