I have finally decided to post the story in which I pulled my pen name from. For those of you who have read the original you will notice some alterations and a great deal of editing, for those who haven't don't worry most of the content is here. The entire summary doesn't fit in the box so I will include it at the end of the Prologue.

I hope you enjoy,

~Kuro the Dark Ringmaster

P.s. This project was originally intended to be a manga so it will take me longer to convert the script. If you are interested in seeing costume sketches please contact me.

"Nothing is as it seems, in fact things are never as they seem, they're twisted and gnarled, contorted and convoluted. What you think you know you really don't, and that's what makes this such fun."

~ Kuro the Dark Ringmaster


Everyone dreams of doing something or becoming someone else for just one night, however this is rarely the case. More often then not when people become adults fallow the path which society has paved for them; laborious path of working to fulfill everyone's expectations, and commit every fiber of their being to balancing out family and their career. Every morning they wake up and slip into their uniforms and fetters which restrain them to a world of expectations and limitations. However there is a small group of professionals who have managed to not only fulfill the expectations which others have placed on them, but have also managed to do something even more dazzling.

These professionals disappear for a week or two out of the year to perform in a show which is just as enigmatic as their acts. For a week or two they cast away their suites and ties to become something completely different. They become players on the stage of the show of a century, Cirque de Lune. Unlike a traditional Cirque this mysterious group only performs for a month out of the year in there of the worlds major cities. It's known for some of the most mysterious and difficult acts; acts involving not only knife throwing, but the most skilled acrobats doing some of the most dangerous movements on tight ropes. Among fire eaters, knife throwers, body contortionists and tight rope walkers are those of an even more magnificent talent. Talents which manage to stretch the very limits of the imagination, there are individuals who can fall over one hundred feet and survive, a young man who is half human and snake and a ringmaster with a skeleton's hand. Cirque de Lune is perhaps one of the most renowned circuses in the world and there is a waiting list spanning a decade to even acquire the tickets. A circus with two ringmasters, one who basks in the sun and the other who prefers the light of the one, yet both of them are essential to the circus.

It all started over 150 years ago with a group of young adults which simply loved to perform. Currently each member of the Circus is the an influential player in a number of fields from medicine and law to science and cuisine, however every night for a few hours they strip away their suites, hide their high heels and become the worlds most elusive acrobats, illusionists and magicians. Under the command of a young man who's smile is warm and his voice is soft. However lurking in the shadows not to far away, is perhaps one of the greatest acts the circus has to offer. A performer always dressed in black, with a tempting smile and mischievous ruby red eyes, who has been part of the circus since it had been founded all those years ago, the Dark Ringmaster.

Nakamura Shunsuke president of Itowa has grown restless, after defeating a number of opponents in Japan he craves a new adversary who will challenge him. Iwamura Yuki is in London signing a contract which will alter the business and give North Star, a foothold in China. After learning of the development Nakamura sets out to challenge the President of North Star. Joker and his crew are in Tokyo setting up for the show, when the ringmaster is suddenly injured. As an act of desperation Beast, the animal tamer calls the one person she knows can come to their aid, the mysterious Dark Ringmaster. Prior to creating a plan of attack Asami, Nakamura's secretary, takes the bachelor to the circus as a way to get the President out only for him to be enthralled by the ringmaster. Oddly at the same time as the circus the President of North Star is spotted in Japan, fearing for the worst Nakamura prepares to play the greatest game yet, with the woman crowned the Queen of Games.

Why is the President of North Star in Japan?

Just who is Kuro?

What's really going on with this Circus?