I walk along empty streets filled with daytime traffic honking your name

While I cross my fingers and wait until you change your mind

I hesitate there and can't think

My mind is so far from made up

That it's bleeding from the effort through my scalp

And evaporating into the sky

I hope it rains where you are

Love is like weekend getaways

A road trip down the coast

I didn't know you'd packed your bags

And that when we stopped at the motel in Tallahassee

You wouldn't leave

You took my armor with you

With a crashing sound clattering to the floor

Like glasses breaking on the barroom door

You took the words right from my mouth

And I called you out

But please don't let go of me

Our eyes met one night to a song I'd never heard

And two fires merged burning like hell and Antarctica

But you were no angel and I couldn't play

My heart too ok

It's broken now, a flimsy thing of mismatched tile and duct tape

Because it wasn't expecting the blow

No noise nor light nor feeling can compare

To the state of bliss you dragged me into

Though I fought you to the death

And I'm still asking you to stay and keep fighting with me

I just want you to help me face the world

I've been doing it all wrong for so long

I still miss the 60s, I was born in '82

Still none of this comes close, darling to comparing to you