Leukas shivered, pulling his coat on tighter. He didn't question why he was suddenly outside, trudging through the snow. He just knew he had to be. It was four in the morning, Gel was heading North. Nothing out of the question, just a walk. As he reached the bottom of a particular slope, he slowed to a stop. Stuffing his hand into the snow, he felt around for a latch he somehow knew was there. Smiling as his hand felt the handle, he smiled, pulled the latch open, and clambered down.

Suddenly, his senses came rushing back to Leukas. Why was he here? He should be sleeping right now. Groggily, Leukas went to rub his eyes, and- "Hello." Said an adorable voice, almost irritatingly adorable. "What? Who's there?!" Leukas called out, almost frantic as he scanned the dark room. "My name is Kawaii Star." The voice said as a large screen flickered to life, revealing a strange figure that seemed to be a large yellow starfish with a woman's face. Great, a weeaboo in cosplay.

"Why am I here, Kawaii Star?" Leukas inquired, deciding to play along. "I need to ask for a large favor of you and four other people, and I also need you to gather these other people in order to do the task." A favor? Usually mistreated by other people, Leukas wasn't usually inclined to doing favors. As for gathering people, would this Star-Chick tell him where to find them? "Okay, well, before I agree, what is this favor?" The Kawaii Star sucked in some breath. "To get me out of a marriage and save The Cosmos."

Leukas froze for a second before his shoulders slumped. "Oh, hilarious. Thanks for wasting my time." The star's face looked frightened. "No! Wait, please! I'm not lying!" She exclaimed. "Prove it." Leukas returned stubbornly. The Kawaii Star's tone dropped a little. "Just trust me. The first person you'll meet will be able to alter her appearance to match those she's touched. Take this and set off." The screen went blank, and a compartment opened out of a wall, revealing a GPS-like device.