for me
is just ordinary
same with
every other weekday

I opened the office door
grabbed the pen
checked my watch
written the time
inputted "IN"
and signed my name

As I reached my spot
I played a song, His song
to set my mood
read some of His words
and reflect

it's a daily ritual

I then planned
how my day will happen
just simple notes
and few reminders
to start
with a map
to the end

after all the preps
I initiated my day
everything I did
was to follow
a certain route
without detours

I took
a few minutes away
break time
five minutes
see who's on
checked what's happening around

At that moment
my heart pounded fast
I heard something
something unusual
something unexpected
something new

It's a song
from someone
with soulful voice

she can sing

my steady pace
was disrupted
I am caught up
between several thoughts

it's strange

i find it hard
to believe
she's the voice I hear
so I kept remembering
the words
she would speak
still, it does not coincide

time passed
the lyrics
rode her voice
what it meant
sank in to me

there's this sensation
relaxing, soothing
i never imagined possible

how can everything
in atrophy
can find its place
in my mind
and in my heart
in an instant

without concrete reason
i accepted its purpose
as magical as it can be
it calms me