I was
once again captivated
I just
help it

it was too enchanting
I felt strange again

so I asked
how can it
put me under some spell?

and I seem to forget
that I've known her
for a long time, years

she still
sounds strange

it bugs me

every time
I hear her melody,
her harmony
I sense drama
in her voice
it's full of memories
smiles, tears,
anger and delight

I don't really
know the words
she was uttering

it was a song
I often see
but didn't bother to hear
it won't speak to me

I did the search
a bit bothered
what it really meant

after a few clicks
I found it
I replayed the music
second by second
I match the pitch to every word
every word to every emotion
it's in tune, in sync

it struck me

it was a song
of a broken heart
it was a rythm
of melancholy
happily sad
sadly happy

did she really
let her tears speak?

an idea
came to me
I wanted
to know
the chords
behind her symphony
maybe, just maybe
I can help orchestrate