Hearing her voice, I
Came to think, again
That she was
Singing to someone
Wanting to reach

Hearing her sing again
Puts me into thinking
Into thinking she's sad
That she's gloomy

She isn't
I'm a bit
Sure of that

The lyrics of her song
Were not hers
But, the emotion
Is so pure,
So pure it seems
Each keystroke
Is in harmony
With her heartbeat

Endlessly hearing her voice
Makes it the last memory, the
Last song for the night
Playing in an infinite loop

I assumed, wished
She was singing to me
Calling my attention, wanting
To put her head
On my shoulder
Her story
Her tears

She doesn't
It's not for me
I'm sure of that

The music starts to play
I always feel the weight
Of her emotion
But, after a song or two
It already feels soothing

It's not about anyone
She just enjoys singing
She loves music