I want to write a song
A song of life, of joy
A song with unique harmony
Though I don't play any instrument

I want to write a song
Which can transform a frown into a smile
Which music can uplift moods
Which will always be played

I want to write a song
To reach each troubled heart
To increase brightness in the dark
To fill the world with joy, your world

I want to make my poem lyrical
In a way, I can convey my feelings
In a way, you can feel it better
In a way you can understand

I will be accurate with each note
Change its pitch to put impact on each word
Keep it in tune with how you would like to hear it
Maximize in-betweens
Stretching it far from the last verse

I want to start it with...

"You are the star in the dark sky
You are the wind that cools my summer night
You are the shine in that sunshine
You are my light

You are the creamer in my coffee
You are the sugar in my tea
You are the ice in my water
You make bitter stuff taste so sweet
You put life on what's dull"

In its chorus
If this fits
will be

"You put rhythm
To my inconsistent joy
You gave me reason
For unexplainable happiness
You are the rhythm and reason
When each day shines brighter everyday"

In the last verses

"You are amazing from afar
But I want to see you up close
See how beautiful you are

I want to hold you tight
But still make you feel free

I want to stand beside you,
Sit beside you

I want to smile with you,
laugh with you
From morning 'til the night"

I want to write a song
A song you would like to hear
A song you would like to sing