I like you, I really really like you
I want to do anything for you
I want to serve you
I want to take care of you

I know you are a long shot for me
I may not be the one you have wished
I may not be the one you're expecting
But I'll treat you like a princess
forever and a day

I will do everything for you
Everything to make you smile
Everything to make you happy
Everything to make you feel fine

'Cause as long as I'm with you
I see no boundaries on what I can do
'Cause as long as I'm with you
I see no reason to give up

Whenever I see you smile
Even the night shines brighter
Whenever I hear your voice
All my worries and fears
Are replaced with insurmountable joy

I know that these words sounds cliche
I know that these words are too promising
But I am confident I'll do whatever it takes
Whatever it takes to have you

I may not be experienced enough
'Cause I haven't had anyone as special in my life
But please don't let it be the reason
For you to disapprove my love

You mean the world to me
You picked me up from endless despair
You are the light in the darkest tunnel
You are the trigger that makes me happy

You are my inspiration
You are my fuel
You are my reason
You are my everything

I am really hoping
That you would let me pursue you
But if you feel I won't create any spark
Please break this muscle that pumps blood around my system
As soon as yours tells you to

Let me know if you're not ready
If you're not ready to entertain romance
or if you just won't have it with me