Okay so I added this part after writing the first three chapters but I felt like a little background would add to the story so here goes nothing! :)


The tribe gathered around with various looked of horror. In the center two young warriors fought; Wayaand Nv da. Once close as brothers, the two now held only fiery hate in their eyes as if possessed by pure rage.

They circled each other in a rhythm so perfect it could almost be a dance. The black of their warrior tattoos stood off their skin, menacing. Suddenly Nv da switched directions, leaping into the air with his knife poised. Waya retaliated, an angry snarl escaping his lips. Meanwhile the villagers watched on with looks of horror, some even dropping to their knees in prayer.

As if in answer to their cries, the wise man of the village came forth. He looked on the scene before him with sorrow-filled eyes before lifting a staff over his head and slamming it into the earth. The ground began to shake and the two were thrown apart. All stood shocked looking at the wise man.

"Brothers," his deep voice called out, "why do you do this?"

Both men looked at him with conflicted gazes before Nv da spoke up. "Waya dishonors me as a man by denying me my bride." He growled, "It is my right to fight him to regain what he tries to steal!"

The wise man paused before turning to the other man. "What have you to say Waya?" he asked calmly," is what Nv da says true?"

Waya did not hesitate, "Yes Adewehi, I did deny him that is true. But I denied him my sister only because she does not wish him to be her husband."

Nv da growled in response and Waya tensed and faced him again. The wise man thought for only a moment before Nv da's voice interrupted. "It does not matter! I have claimed her and as a warrior it is my right!"

Both men lunged at each other once more but just as their blades tasted flesh they found themselves frozen in place. Before them the wise man stood. His skin was glowing like the sun and his eyes were filled with anger. "Brothers," his voice now had a haunted feel, all empathy gone, "you have broken your ancient vow! Never has a Cherokee warrior betrayed his blood brother in such a way." The men both looked shocked as they fell to their knees.

"Your actions have earned you punishment. Feel the wait of your betrayal. It shall be etched in your very soul. And as is your punishment so will be the punishment you place upon all in your tree." Before they could comprehend what he was saying a fiery burning coursed through their bodies. Screams of agony rose from their lips and quickly were joined by the voices of their trees: their families.

When at last the pain subsided the men pulled themselves up to see all those dear to them lying in pain. The rest of the village coward as to avoid the old man's wrath. "Let it be known." The man continued, "That from this day forth, these trees are cursed! For forty generations your families will know nothing but war and death. This is the punishment for breaking a blood pact. Your lineage will feel this same burning anger. They will slaughter each other mercilessly until your numbers are failing. Yet both will survive barely so that no peace will be found. Your kind will live in only misery, anger, and loss."

Many gasped or began crying. Both men were among those sobbing, begging for forgiveness. Perhaps the wise man did take pity for next he did a very unexpected thing.

Bending down he took one of each of their hands in his and spoke, "however, in the forty-first generation a chance at survival will arrive. A daughter, born into the tribe of Waya will hold the key. Her choice will decide who lives and whose tree disappears from this earth forever. At the same time a son will be born to the tribe of Nv da. He will be her guide and guard. Only together will the bond be healed and only a blood bond will suffice. But be warned, your hate shall be your true curse. For even with this warning, your rage will block logic and each will fight against their saving. Your time starts now."

Thus the race of Waya the wolf tribe with silver markings, and Nv da the fire tribe with golden markings, were born. Each child was marked to match their tribe and reveal their curse on the day they came of age. Over time their story faded into myth and then was forgotten, but still their battle waged on. Living with lives full of death and torment with no end in sight, waiting, for the forty-first generation and the prophesy to come to pass.

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