I came up with this after going through some cabinets and finding my old bionicle toys, I remembered the story behind them and then…inspiration struck, why not a story involving elemental beings fighting against a great evil? I don't know if its cliché or anything but I decided to try anyway, so I came up with this concept story.

A long time ago…when the stars were still young and before the birth of man, there was a monstrous being known as...the great devourer, it's shadow fell upon countless worlds and universes, it's armies burning and killing, scorching and destroying land, sky and flesh with their murderous taint. Eventually, the devourer and its armies fell upon a mundane world, a world filled with vibrant colors and life, guarded by the one we know as… the maker.

The maker was a great powerful being of creation; he shaped the mountains, the seas, carved the land up and stirred the seas, he made the sky and the earth, and when he was done and looked upon his creations he marveled as never before, and then he made men and women and wondrous creatures to populate it, so that they too, might enjoy his works.

The maker saw the coming shadow, he knew that he could not face it alone, so he created eight men and women from the clay of the earth, and shaped them in his image, then he bestowed upon them great gifts.

To the first, the raging inferno.

To the second, the blistering cold.

The third was given the power of the seas and oceans.

The fourth, lightning and electricity.

The fifth attained the strength of earth.

The sixth, the fiercest storms.

The seventh, the brightest light of the sun.

The eight, the darkest shadow of the night.

Together, these guardians held back the great evil armies of the devourer, but still they were driven back, until finally, the maker, in one final bid to save his beloved world, sacrificed himself, in one final cataclysmic confrontation that rocked the land, air and seas, as he gasped his final breath, he released all of his powers, greatly wounding the devourer, vanquishing his armies and giving his power of creation to the eight guardians.

The devourer escaped with his life though, vowing a terrible vengeance and wrath upon this world which had resisted his power.

Without the maker's guidance, the eight guardians went their separate ways, and built their own kingdoms away from one another, bestowing the same powers that were given to them on these kingdoms, and molding them in their own image, before finally, when they could look upon their kingdoms with pride and joy, they disappeared, and left us now with the eight elemental kingdoms of fire, ice, water, lightning, earth, air, light and darkness.

However, before they disappeared, each of them locked away within secret vaults the knowledge of the defeat of the devourer, so that when the day comes of his return for vengeance, we would not be helpless against him.

'And so…this is the legend of the elemental guardians.' An old woman ended another story in front of an audience of young children seated in front of her.

'But…it's just a story right?' One of the children sitting in front quizzed her.

'Ah my child…you are still young…yes it is still a story…but who shall ever know? We were not present when these events occurred were we? It is only up to our own beliefs of how best to interpret it.' The old storyteller replied.

'All fairy tales as usual, and no proof.' A loud voice spoke up and as several men and women appeared from the darkness holding lamps.

'The proof is all around us dear.' The old woman said, the man snickered.

'Yes yes, now come children it is time to go.' He said as the children began getting up to be led away by their parents.

As they were being led away one of the mothers said to another, 'You'd think old Ethel would stop with all these traditionalist stories and values, by our own hands we created the kingdoms that we live in.'

Her companion shrugged and said, 'regardless, soon the games will begin, and one champion from each kingdom will be selected to represent the kingdom's respective patron guardian, and will have to partake in the ceremony.'

Then she continued while laughing, 'I pity those who are selected, having to endure all of the time in that lonely little place.'

The first woman laughed with her, 'Indeed, I don't understand why there is still a drive for the "honor" of such a position, and all the time wasted on the training is better spent on other things.'

As they walked home with their children in tow, nobody considered the possibility of any of the myths or legends being true, or the possibility that it was going to come true, and that their world would soon be turned upside down and shaken to its very core.

Elsewhere, in the darkness of the void…

'Is it done faithful servant?' A voice pierced the enshrouding darkness.

'Yes master, the preparations are nearly complete.' A hunched over, gaunt figure with a disfigured face answered.

'Good…good…very good…you will be rewarded well for your faithful service my loyal servant.' The voice answered from the darkness.

'Oh thank you…thank you master.' The figure gave a weak smile and knelt before the direction of the voice.

'Now…mankind is weak…They have forgotten the shadow which they once feared so much…I shall show them that I am not, and will not be a mere memory…servant!'

'Yes master?' The figure replied.

'Prepare the army; the world will break before my will.' The voice growled angrily.

'At once master.' The figure bowed his head and quickly went off.

'Soon…very soon.' The voice muttered once the servant had left.

And then he began to snicker first, which turned into a giggle, then a laugh, and then finally, the voice burst out into an uproarious, thunderous laughter.

The aunt, skeletal person moved quickly, finally reaching a room where a group of huge, massive armored figures with powerful limbs and massive weapons.

'It is time; the master commands that we move our armies now.' The figure said.

One of the biggest of the group of armored persons stood up and shouted, 'then it is time, brothers,' He gestured towards the males of the group, 'sisters,' now to the female members, 'today we begin our march of destruction!' He shouted at the top of his voice.

The entire room went into a cheer as horns blared loudly and dark, armored figures began lining up in formation.

I hope it wasn't too cheesy or anything, since it's still just a concept story, I have yet to fully figure out properly where to take it, and I'm preoccupied with something else at the moment so you'll just have to wait to see what I do with it.

Please read and review it, really, I want to know what you think.