From this point on, the story will be collaboration between me and Firewind555.

This chapter was mostly written by him, I did the first and last paragraphs.

The lands of fire arena…

Alexis glared darkly at her opponent as she wiped the dirt from her eyes. She twirled both her swords for a moment as the she and her opponent continued circling each other menacingly.

The opponent, compared to her, was like Goliath to a girl David. He was at least twice her height and had tan muscles rippling all over his body.

As they watched each other carefully, the flame surrounding the arena began to intensify, screaming for them to tear each other apart.

And before Alexis could make the first move, he did. As she swept forward with her blades, he responded by a great leap into the air. Flames ignited as he began to descend like a meteor, crashing into the ground with a magnitude of flame and rock. The still burning flames obediently parted for their creator, as he strode out of the crater, looking rather proud.

'Do you see this, girl? This is a masterpiece, born out of me, a piece of art embodying the physical, and the soul,' he smirked.

In response, she spat at him. The blob of spit plopped onto his foot, looking like a baby oyster.

'What are YOU, a brownie on steroids?' she mocked.

'WHY YOU INSIGNIFICANT REPULSIVE BITCH! YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO GAZE YOUR EYE UPON MY BEAUTY! DIE! DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEIDIE!' he exploded as he began to hurl dozens of fireballs at her like a mini-gun. There was not even a second spared for her to even block as they pelted her mercilessly.

As the dust clouds cleared, they revealed the grass of flames, surrounding a pile of ash. Horrified gasps rippled throughout the crowd.

'HAHAHAHAHAHA! You fool. This was the price of contaminating the prized creation of the planet!'

The expression of pride and triumph on his face soon had wrenched into that of pain and shock. He looked down to discover blood dripping from a shiny, sharp fragment that had seemingly punctured his chest from the behind.

'You look like a mud pie to me,' Alexis smirked with her hand on the sword handle. With deadly grace, she leaped onto him, ripped the sword out of his body and kicked him away like dust. He staggered forward, his hand clutching the still bleeding wound.


'Really? A pathetic little girl?' she snarled, obviously irritated by the remark. 'Too bad. You're lucky I'm not this angry!'

Her blades ignited in a jet of orange flames, burning with the anger that was spread to them. She dashed towards him, the blades skidding against the floor, leaving a trail of flames. Instinctively, her opponent raised his flaming fist, ready to smash her. But just before he could feed it to her, she leapt up, ten feet above him.

'I call this one the Phoenix Dive!' she yelled, spinning in a spiral of flames that engulfed her. But before it had even made contact, a hand had reached into the spiral and grabbed both blades, abruptly stopping her.

'Not today, girl!' her opponent grinned, and flung her over to the arena wall. A resounding crack in her bones and the walls, and she fell to the ground. As she got up, with her vision blurring, she coughed out something that splat onto the ground. She looked down. It was red.

She looked up again to see her opponent rushing at her with the force of a rhino. She felt something grab at her with brute force and she felt herself being lifted up and slammed down again. She felt heat gushing up onto her back as it was pinned to the ground, searing her like a steak. More importantly to her, she felt that rising in her at a dangerous pace.

She was yanked up, and now was face to face with her attacker. He wore a disgustingly triumphant look, with a very nasty smile.

'I told you! You are nothing, compared to me! Your moment of victory was merely nothing!'

He drew her in closer, now with his flaming hand pressing against her. She screamed in pain as the flames devoured her skin greedily.

'Please,' she begged. 'Stop it…'

'In the end, you are nothing but a WEAK, INSIGNIFICANT CHILD!'

The flames intensified, and her expressions of pain died out…

To reveal a more resentful one…

Her hand shot out like a serpent, her fingernails sank into her opponent's neck like its fangs.

She did not take a glance at her foe's astonished look as she flung him away like garbage.

Grasping his neck and gasping for air, he struggled to regain his footing, before being pushed back by a fountain of flame, spinning in midair before smashing against the wall. Two more of these flame fountains pressed him back ruthlessly, before allowing him to drop down like a sack.

He struggled to get up, panting with his scarce breaths of life. Blood formed red streams of thin rivers on his muscles, which were already beaten out of shape with wounds and lacerations covering it. Yet he refused to submit.

Summoning all his remaining strength, he thrust his hand forward, aiming at Alexis. She was bombed by a huge ball of fire. But it was not an explosion, as expected. It was an implosion, as the flames seemed to be sucked in. As they diminished, they revealed the sole survivor of the attack.

Alexis. The same person which the flames tried to devour. She devoured the flames. And now, a flaming aura formed around her and darkened into a blood red.


She began advancing towards the offending presence, who began crawling back in fear.

'No, no! Please NO!'

She raised her hands…

'I'm not afraid…I'm not afraid…'

A torrent of crimson flame erupted from her palms.

'ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!' came the scream burning the air from the firestorm.

Her ears numbed, only hearing the gushing of fire and the screaming. She only felt the heat. She smelt the roasting of flesh. She saw the blazes that she had conjured. And yet, among it all, a line echoed in her mind. A line she had heard before.


And all her senses sharpened to hear beyond the blaze.

'STOP!' shouted the referee.

And she had realized that she had lost, once again. The torrent of flame died down, to reveal a figure of black, charred skin. He was still alive, still twitching. But not on the inside.

'No…no,' she gasped in horror at the atrocity she had committed; she sat down and tried to calm herself.

'NO!' She cried in grief, once again she had let her temper get the better of her, and now she would pay the price if he was dead, anyone who killed a fellow competitor was always deemed unworthy and immediately disqualified.

The referee quickly knelt beside the fallen man and waved over several people, who quickly began trying to revive the unconscious man, Alexis could only swallow hard and hope that he was not dead.

There seemed to be a sigh of relief coming from the group, the referee then stood up and walked over to Alexis, grabbed her arm and raised it in the air.

'Citizens of the lands of Fire, your new champion!' He shouted, Alexis did not receive much applause owing to her very nearly killing a fellow competitor, but she did not give a damn, she was just thankful the man was alive for her to win.

A few days later, she was packed up and standing at the harbour, watching as the official ship that would carry her to the town of the guardians approaching. Being very much aware of how close she came to being disqualified, she was not feeling very happy or joyful at the moment, and simply stared at the ship quietly and sullenly as it pulled in.

Cursing herself angrily, she shook those thoughts out of her head and thought grimly of her future as a guardian for the next ten years.

How was it? I initially intended for the 8 fight scenes to be cramped into one chapter, unfortunately it took up way too much space, so I and him decided to separate each into its own chapter.

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