How to...


Step 1: Destroy your own health with popcorn, soda, and lack of exercise.

Step 2: Aimlessly scroll through Fiction Press and Fanfiction instead of studying.

Step 3: Writing 50+ unfinished stories and ignore your bad grades.

Step 4: Watch medical dramas.

Step 5: Realize your love for medicine through hospital dramas.

Step 6: Realize that you need a heck of a lot of money to apply.

Step 7: Traffic organs.

Step 8: Get arrested for cutting your neighbor's liver out. (He'd regrow it anyway.)

Step 9: Write about getting arrested for trafficking organs for your "Overcoming Challenges" essay.

Step 10: Flinch their outrageous demands for application processing despite your lucrative trafficking business.

Step 11: Get rejected for not having a good enough personality.

I promise I am not an organ trafficker. Cross my heart and hope to die.

All kidding aside, medicine is a noble calling, and I applaud the doctors who are doing their hardest to see us through this pandemic.

~ Sepharim