Ayame Kuroi was a very quiet girl. She almost never spoke but was very intelligent. She always seemed to be waiting for someone. She lived alone since her family members were all dead... or so she thinks. People like her because she seemed so mature and elegant. She used to be quite lively and cheerful but since her parents died, she became subdued and sad...

Ayami Shirai was lively and upbeat girl. With her cheerfulness she always seemed to be able to cheer anyone up. Even though she seemed to have a happy-go-lucky personality, she is actually quite mature, hardworking and clever. Sometimes people will be able to catch the side she usually doesn't show. She is actually quite lonely because she lived alone. Her "parents" died in a car crash, but she didn't know they were just her adoptive ones...

Ayame's POV

It was was a bright, sunny day when school started in Futagodeai middle school, one of the most prestigious schools in Japan. I was surprised that I could go to school there but my grades are the top in my grade, not that I am bragging or anything.

I was able to come here because there was a fund for gifted students. I was really good at Japanese so I was admitted. However, I think this school is a little suspicious. Nobody knows how it got such a good reputation, just that it has one. Most of the famous people in this century came from this school. I guess I should just accept it.

I finally arrived at the Door of the Orienté room. "Come in," said a soothing voice. I froze. How did the person in the room even know that? I didn't have noisy footsteps and I haven't knocked yet. I opened the door.

Inside was what appeared to be a study/office. It had an wooden office desk yet had armchairs and sofas here and there. It was quite large and I couldn't stifle an astonished gasp. I was especially interested in the bookshelves that lined the walls save for the wall with the window and the wall behind me. I love books...

"You may sit in one of the chairs, Miss Kuroi. I am the principal of this school, Shinho Kamisama. Welcome to Maho no gakou."

"Academy of Magic? That is just a it?"

"No. Here is where young magicians perfect their magic to protect normal humans, or the seijo as we call them, from the Demons. You, Kuroi Ayame has the potential, since you were the descendent of the legendary Maria Cross. She was your grandmother, in fact..."

"Then why is this school called Futagodeai not Maho no gakou?" I asked.

"A cover name. We magical kind are secret, after all."

"You're fake." I said uncertainly.

"No I'm not," said Principal Kamisama. Then he levitated me up into the air.

At that time, I did a very magical, very supernatural thing. She fainted.

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