I've lost track of her! "Ayami! Ayami!" I called. Was she OK? I turned a corner and saw her.

She was completely healed, and was in combat clothing, but she looked weak. She was kneeling on the ground.

Then i saw the turquoise haired girl standing over her.

"What have you done to her?" I screamed and transformed.

Ayami's POV

As I saw that scene, although I was completely exhausted, I managed to croak "dameda, Ayame."

"doshite?" She demanded, summoning a blazing red fireball into her hand. "She...she hurted you. Made you like this."

"Iiiiiiaaaaaaa!" I screamed, as her sun burst attack hurtled towards Yukimi-sensei.

"However Yukimi sensei stayed calm. She made a thick ice shield. The attack melted it and shot into her leg. It bled and left an enormous wound.

"don't... hurt... my... SENSEI!" I roared.

"yamii ni tsuite! ran'un ni tsuite! sutormu compakuto, akutivashon!" I yelled. A black stream of light shone from the compact. Suddenly I was floating naked in a dark place, surrounded by storm clouds. Occasionally a streak of lightning flashed in the clouds. Then a dark ring of clouds formed under my feet and I was clothed in my magical girl clothes. I wore black boots, a pleated gray skirt and a white sailor fuku shirt with a gray ribbon and a cloud in place of a badge. Then a gray coat with black fur sleeve rims and collar materialized onto me., with bracelets that had clouds, lightning and tornado charms on them. My hair did itself up with a black ribbon. I smirked and posed.

Suddenly it was as if I can't control my body. I screamed "Mist Illusion Extraordinaire!" and a stream of gray mist threaded with gold and black shot from the tip of my staff, tightening her and binding her. What have I done? I scolded myself. Hurting Ayame like that. I multiplied into 12 copies and surrounded her, firing black energy from my wand. Ayame opened her mouth in a soundless scream.

But in that moment Yukimi-sensei ran up to her and created an ice shield, deflecting my attacks. She then swiped her wound, healing herself.

"What's the problem with you today, Ayami?" Then she gasped and widen her eyes in fear.

"No. Nooo!" She cried.

Yukimi's POV

Her eyes looked hollow and empty.

They were still violet, but it was as if they were hypnotized. They glittered with cruelty and maliciousness. She looked at me hungrily. Then her eyes reverted to normal. "E-eh? Yu-yukimi-sensei?"

The bonds around that Ayame girl slumped to the ground, exhausted.

"I-I couldn't control myself. gomene Yukimi-sensei! gomenasai Ayame-chan!"

Then she ran away, vanishing into the raining, dark night.

Ayami's POV

I ran and ran, not caring where I went to. I didn't even care as I went beyond, into the mysterious dark woods.

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