Ayami's POV

"Ame ga futsu teru*." I said.

And it was indeed raining. I was completely soaked. my dark hair clung to my face. My clothes clung tight to my body. In fact too tight. It would be embarrassing if someone saw me, especially a boy.

I ran forward, trying to find a cave when I bumped into something. No. it was a someone.

A boy with red eyes and black hair stared down at me. He was wearing a long black coat and black trousers of some strange material.

" Who are you?" I asked uncertainly.

" I am Innosen Yamihito. Soon you will call me Yamihito-sama." He held out his hand, and wisps of black energy surrounded me, and bind me. He started to chant. "Crush the goodness in her heart. Take away the last wisp of kindness. TRANSFER!"

I tried to transform, but I couldn't. The binds seemed to be magic stripping as well. Just as I thought I was doomed, Ayame came.

" Puella Magi caeleste Magica,venit! " She said.

"NO!" Yamihito's voice was filled with rage. " How can you come at such a time?" He blasted black energy at her, but her strong shield deflected it.

" I am the World Angel. I am best at protection. The world is safe as long as it is under me. Darkness," She said, raising her hand. Her staff appeared."shall be annihilated. Justice shall prevail. Celestial Elimination!" She screamed, as the powerful beam of starlight shot from the tip of the staff towards the boy. He disappeared in a flash of light." No." Ayame sprouted pure white wings on her back. "He simply fled. As long as he exists, I will crush him and bring justice to the world."

She looked at me and I saw her eyes were grey flecked with silver, not at all purple. " Is that... Latin?" I asked, since she wasn't speaking Japanese.

She opened her mouth to reply when her eyes turned normal. She slumped forward and I ran to catch her. ( my bonds had dissolved when he fled). "Ayame, arigato." I said as she smiled unconsciously.

" The world angel is a legendary spirit, which resides inside a pure soul every thousand years or so. She will be granted unlimited power, immortality and the ability to fly until Darkness is annihilated and defeated." Yukimi explained.

"Who is Darkness? he can't be..." I replied uncertainly.

"sō, it is Yamihito Innosen desu."

"Sona..." I said.

Just then Ayame decided to wake.

"eh?eh? What happened?"

" Ayame-chan, what do you remember of the incident today?" I asked casually.

"I can't remember anything... why are you asking me?"

Just then I felt the air turn as cold as ice. I felt pain as someone seemed to push my soul away.

"Hehe, I have returned," Hissed the cruel voice of Yamihito Innosen.

*it's raining