Tieing the Knot

Tieing the knot usually means you are getting married. Today it means I am falling apart.

Tie the Knot

On the chain

that keeps the keys around my neck,

and my body inside the dormitory,

and my presence on the council

continuously in your presence,

and undoing the careful walls

I have constructed

To repair the wreckage you caused.

So tie the knot

That digs into the back of my neck

Reminding me every second,

Of every day,

For the next four years,

That this is what couldn't be

But what I dreamed about,


Until I removed the keys from the chain,

Handed them in,

And accepted my diploma.

And suddenly that self-tightening knot

That you had around my neck and heart

Loosened just a little bit

And I collapsed into a heap of messy tears

Because what could never be,

Never happened,

But I had wished it so.