The floor was ice cold against my feet. The soft howling of the wind outside beat against the walls. Not a sound was heard. No one was home. I sat in the farthest corner of the room the pitch black darkness was heay against my chest suffocating me. Tears slipped down my face unwillingly hitting the floor soundlessly.

What was wrong with me?

"You're a freak" The voice hissed in my ear. It was cold and harsh.

I flinched at the harshness of the cold voice. Was it true? Was I a freak?

"Yes" It spoke louder this time. "Look in the mirror what do you see?"

I glanced up looking in the mirror, and eyes myself. "You know what I see?" The voices whispered in my ear. "Worthless, stupid, freakā€¦.cutter."

Flinched at its word tears spilled over again as I shook my head hard at his accusations as he continued. "Fat, Disgusting. Ugly."

Tears fell harder as I started to sob harder still. "Do you really think they care? If they did woudn't they be here for you? Where are they?"

The coolness of the blade pressed into my palm, I ran my fingers softly over the edge of the blade, I was completely alone. I lifted the blade quickly and with a flick sharp flick of the wrist the deed was done. My eyes widened as the skin widened and deepened giving way for the blood that desperately fought to get out.

I dropped the blade as though it has shocked me. I covered the gash with my arm. What had I DONE? The blood curled around my fingers running down my arm.

"Freak" it whispered in my ear. It had won

As indeed I was a freak.