Good morning. This is Blogging Life: The Sequel.

You may have noticed that this is, in fact, a sequel.

(I'm not normally that formal. But it's starting to stick. I blame it on the fact that over half of the books I've read this year were set in the past/a place with no modern technology.)
(And the actual first chapter will be on this. I will edit this chapter on Tuesday. Monday, to you funny people on the other side of the world. [I live in Australia.])

Anyway, the original's Blogging Life. If you're interested, it's here: (Get rid of spaces) www. fictionpress forum/ Blogging-Life-The-Chat/ 6635/
(Don't be put off by the amount of chapters. They're short, I swear.)

I thought an introduction list was required here because we have inside jokes (not many) and stuff. So here we go.

1. Every ten chapters there is some sort of a questionnaire which I call 'quiz' because I don't know why. They're 35 questions long. In every fiftieth chapter they jump up to 40-50, but go back down again.
2. The format is weird. You must get used to it.
3. I will happily give you my middle name, but not my first because my middle name is what I usually use because I'm cool like that.
4. Every now and then I will blog a fairy tale. I make fun of them, but I really like some of them. Following the blog is an 'Overall Opinion' consisting of stuff. Some time later, on my separate story 'Basic Manual for Household Survival' (currently 69 reviews, heheh) I will talk about how to survive the fairy tale, what you should do and what you shouldn't.
5. If you review/fave/follow, we're already best friends.
6. The 'Mood' and 'Event' sections of the chapter are rarely used for mood and event.
7. I update on Tuesdays and Fridays.
8. I love to read. My favourite book is 'The Fault in Our Stars' (John Green) (DFTBA).
9. I'm a nerdfighter.
10. My least favourite book is 'Caught in the Headlights' (Tony schilling). It is terrible. Worse than Twilight. I kid you not. We had to read it for school which means I have a copy. It is not treated very well.
11. 'Cold feet' (this tends to appear in 'mood' is synonymous with 'apathy'. I'm not sure why.
12. I hate pears.
13. I think pies are better than avocados, an opinion which landed me in a war with my dear friend/sibling/granddaughter (long story) Pigfarts. This war lasted several months and many PMs. In fact, I have a poll relating to it on my profile.
14. Speaking of my profile, the avatar's an anime version of Harry Potter I made. My good friend, BTR (Bob The Rock) sent me a picture of this brown-haired, brown-eyed anime filler dude and said he looked like HP. I fixed it.
15. I don't watch anime often, but I read manga. I refuse to read Detective Conan because it's so bloody long.
16. My favourite song is 'It All Makes Sense at the End' by Hank Green.
17. I have this really cute cousin who turned one year old exactly a month ago. I never shut up about him.
18. I own three teddy bears.
19. My best subject is math (yes, I just said that) and my worst is science, more specifically biology.
20. I read the terms and conditions.

And let's wait till Tuesday to see an actual chapter here, shall we?

OOH ALMOST FORGOT. We have a forum. A FORUM. WOOT. It's here: www. fictionpress s/ 2874789 /1/Blogging-life
If you join, we can talk about stuff and I won't take a long time to reply.