Day/time- 2012, Wednesday 12th December, 3:07 pm.
Mood- Plot twist. I'm aloof and...
Event- IT'S A HOT DAY.
Listening to- Shower noises.
Reading- Marcelo in the Real World.
Random thing- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, BENCHES! My report was pretty good.
And we went to our grandparents' house yesterday because they just came back from overseas. My grandma got me a dress with a little bustle-thing. It makes my butt look big. XD
I was playing with my little cousin. He tried to rip my face off, but he kept on laughing when he was mauling me and when I was teaching him how to open/close a door, so it's cool.
Em and I celebrated 12:12 on 12/12/12, 12 seconds past by drinking cordial and eating cupcakes.