Day/time- 2013, Friday 19th January, 3:55 pm.
I couldn't update yesterday.
Because we had to go to a thing. The cupcakes were excellent. I stupidly fed some of it to my little cousin and he cornered me until I gave him more. But I can't be mad at him.
Listening to-
Brother talking about killing mythological gods or something.
I plan to start Love is Hell (a small short story collection) after. One of the books is by Melissa Marr. I read one of her books (Wicked Lovely) and I hated it. This will be interesting.
Random thing-
One of the questions in an old maths book is like, 'What is the exact length of a square with the area of 25m^2?' I thought it was a trick question, because the answer is most obviously 25m. Apparently it was a misprinting.
1. Did you finally decide to change the thingo?! Yes! I finally decided to be more accurate!
2. Wait, did anyone send questions?
Because I can't seem to find any.
3. How many books have you read this year? Umm… I think five. Yeah, five.
4. GoodReads?
5. Pets of choice (real)?
Snail, turtle, Russian tortoise, cat, tardigrade.
6. Pets of choice (fictional)?
Giant tardigrade, dragon, shadows.
7. Favourite mythological creature?
8. Out of questions already, bench?
9. Wait, the question(s) are found! Whatever happened to our dear BTR?
As in, where are her reviews? She doesn't bother to log in anymore, but she still reads my stuff. As for her apparent absence in everything, we didn't have any classes together last year so there were less funny moments together, but we were writing a poem together. We're not finished and I haven't bothered to type it up yet. Whoops/
10. Nope, I only found one question. Do you think you should be more organised?
Yeah. I could swear there were more questions.
11. Longest you ever kept a journal?
Does this count? Over a year. But other than that, not very long because recording your day is boring. So on the spare papers I get from left over exercise books I've been collecting for three years, I'm keeping a journal-thing in which I ramble, draw diagrams and stuff.
12. If you were ever on the red carpet, what would you do?
Pose in the full teacup stance instead of just having the handle (hand on hip).
13. How long is your reading list?
Well over two hundred books. Heheh. Whoops.
14. Worst book read this year?
Siren (Tricia Rayburn). Will not be reading the sequels.
15. Should you be studying?
Nope. But I am so I'll have more of a headstart this year. Too bad they decided to change most of the books on the list.
16. Out of questions already, huh?
*Whispers* Shut up.
17. Weird habit?
The open side of my pillowcase always faces the wall because when I was a kid I thought the monsters under the bed would snatch it away when I was sleeping, and no-one likes to sleep with no pillow.
18. Embarrassing confession?
The aforementioned monsters still exist. This is why I don't sleep with my feet hanging off the bed.
19. Now that's over, how do you feel about yourself?
Guys, I'm still respectable. I swear. (Pff, respectable.)
20. Since you're really out of questions, do you think you should just stop here? I… I think so. (I'm so SORRY. PLEASE. YOU HAVE LONG ANSWERS AND AN EMBARASSING CONFESSION, THOUGH.)