Day/time- 2013, Tuesday 5th February, 4:58 pm.

Location- Living the live... live. (iPad. With an actual keyboard. Still trying to get used to this.)

Mood- Bleh. First day of school. It was actually okay.

Event- We have maths homework and maths extension homework. Thank God maths is easy. Also, our English teacher showed CrashCourse videos in his humanities class last year, so hopefully he'll show the CrashCourse lit mini-series for Romeo and Juliet, since we're doing it next term.

Listening to- TV. Damn thing. And half the time on this keyboard the letters, spaces and capitalisation don't show up. And people wonder why I abuse keyboards.

Reading- Ireland (Terry Deary). Yes, I still read them. Yes, it's a real and actual history book I'm reading voluntarily.

Random thing- My locker's next to this... benchy girl a lot of people don't like. I accidentally hit her bun with the locker door and she didn't seem vey happy. I swear, the locker area's so crowded it'll happen for the whole year.