Day/time- 2012, Wednesday (forgot to update yesterday, whoops) 14th November, 5:37 pm.
Location- The usual, Bob.
Mood- Pretty poopy.
Event- Long story cut short Something Horrendous and Sad happened, and this has made me angry. I have this thing where I can't express my anger (Seriously, ask anyone. I threw some tantrums as a kid, but yeah, since then, nope.) so it's affecting my marks. Worse marks make me angrier, and that makes me get lower marks, so I'm in some kind of spiralling mark-down-angry thing. Also, my head has been hurting for months and when I told my parents they said I should read less (which I probably should, but still). Anyway, I jokingly complain about it in front of Em (they do hurt, though) and she's threatened to drag me off to the nearest doctor after I steal the Medicare card (which I won't do), so that's nice. So yeah, sorry for the late replies and stuff (not that they weren't late before).
However, 1) the total solar eclipse was today and I saw it on TV while geeking out like mad (didn't see it outside because a) here we can only see around 51-52% of it and b) I don't have any eye-protecting stuff and 2) we got full marks on our humanities presentation despite the fact Em's voiceover didn't work so we had to read from the script and pause the video really often so it wouldn't go too quickly. So yeah, those were nice.
*Looks up* Longest. Event. Ever.
Listening to- The computer's hum.
Reading- The Silver Door (YAY!)
Random thing- We're choosing a few classes for next year. We can choose between Interpol (International politics, not international police organisation), Business, Legal and Mathematics Extension.
Guess which ones I'm picking.
(Maths extension is a given, so it's my first option followed by legal. Apparently [and shockingly] math is the most popular option, and there can only be 25 people in one class. But since the Organiser of Classes will check with our math teachers to see we're doing well and the lowest I've gotten this year was 92% [Trig, two questions wrong. One of them I messed up opposite and adjacent. Ouch.] I have a fair chance of getting in.)
(If I don't I might cry.)

Oh, and on the subject of jobs. My main interests are creative writing (maybe journalism?), mathematics and astronomy. Ideas?