Day/time- 2013, Friday 5th April, 1:36 pm.
The usual. Decided to do English this time.
I'm feeling particularly uninspired today.
This is funny because I wanted to write. After I did my humanities work.
Listening to-
The Ellen Show's on. (Or was when I wrote that.)
Saltwater Vampires. I'm over 130 pages in and the protagonist has not yet put on a shirt. It's pissing me off, frankly. Put on your goddamn shirt. (It's also funny how like every book in Australia involves surfing. I live in Australia and I'm skilled enough to float.) (But like everyone else I know can swim. Sad face.)
Random thing-
So if any of you guys are good at coming up with bad pickup lines or just want to write some bad fairy tale pickup lines, feel free to tell me. I needz helpz.

… Nananana nananana nananana nananana BATMAN!