Day/time- 2013, Tuesday 16th April, 8:17 pm.
Guess. No, really. You're wrong. The OTHER computer.
I'm really thirsty. I need to drink some water.
After I upload this?
Listening to- Keyboard abuse, scrolling, talking… the usual.
Through the Looking-Glass. Then I plan to move on to Votive. The first book I really liked, so we'll see how this one goes.*
Random thing- I've been listening to Running Through Rivers (Carrie Hope Fletcher) a little more than I should have lately. Whoops. Time to drink.

* Question: In Tallow (the book before Votive)… Don't read this if you don't want spoilers? Anyway, in Tallow, the protagonist, Tallow, is a girl who has to be disguised as a boy for reasons that are logical. She has this dude friend, Dante, who falls in deep like with her (still thinking she's a he). Dante eventually finds out Tallow is actually *GASP* a GIRL near the end of the book. I'm not very familiar with human sexuality, or Dante's like-like (heheh) history, so what would his sexual orientation be?
I'm curious.