Day/time- 2013, Saturday May the Fourth be with you, 3:23 pm.
The weird computer with the too-wide screen.
My hands are freezing off.
Like, why aren't I wearing my gloves?
Listening to-
What tau sounds like. Look it up, people. I don't care if you don't like maths. Go look it up NOW.
Votive. Just over 100 pages left. And by just over I mean maybe 140-150.
Random thing- I've recently become obsessed with the idea of making an (big word) icosidodecahedron. You know those kiddie balls that are all spiky and you throw them up and the become a sphere-ish and when you catch them again they become all spiky? The expanded bit is that shape. I've figured out two ways to make it but ALAS I have no toothpicks or whatever. I'll be stuck with paper. Again.