Day/time- 2013, Saturday 22nd June, 4:01 pm.
The usual! Too lazy to go on Google Translate and find a new language.
Cold hands.
They reflect on the deep depths of my cold, black soul.
Listening to- The sweet sound of stuff. I'm not sure, just birdies and clicking and keyboard abuse. It's a cousin's birthday tomorrow but we're celebrating today so yay! There will be cake!
'The Perks of being a Wallflower'. In other news, I found a place where I can get the DQ series, the (slightly outdated) official quizbook and the Deltora Quest Journal (which is SO HARD TO FIND YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE) for the beautiful price of fifty dollars. Yep. I want that.
Random thing- Not sure if I've mentioned this (I think I haven't) but the award for Best Answer to Question goes to Musician's BloodBreak for 'I like to think I'd be a hot pimp XD.' In response to 'How would you look as the opposite sex?'