Day/time- 2013, Friday 28th June, 4:10 pm.
Usual. I'm happy this is a questionnaire chapter because some of you guys answer the questions too and I tell you there is no greater joy than reading what you say. xD
Heeee heeee.
I've been obsessing over Deltora Quest more than usual for the past couple of weeks. I'm planning on reading the series again soon and this time I plan to draw out some favourite scenes and places and tally and graph ass-saving and ass-savers and replace any swears with 'sugary sticks' or 'figs'. (They don't actually say the words, it's more like '_ cursed', but when they did Barda was all, 'I do not give a fig!')
Listening to- 'On My Own' has been stuck in my head for a while.
Flipping through 'Secrets of Deltora: Exploring the Land of Dragons' before I re-read 'Paper Towns'. Has this Deltora obsession gone out of hand? Of course not. Heheh.
Random thing- *Mutters* Yes maybe I should get to replying to your reviews. Our internet's slow right now and I start work experiencing next week so later? *Shrugs*
And KRudd is prime minister again and this is too funny sorry.
He's a really funny person and for the last few months he was all 'I won't do the thing!' and then a couple of nights ago he did do the thing.
And the people liked him as prime minister but everyone else in the Labor party don't really like him so they had to put him there and put up with him or lose the next election to Tony Abbott. Heehee.
1. Favourite colour? Blue. I'm pretty sure the blue I have in mind is cobalt blue.
2. How are you?
Pretty good, thanks.
3. Can I have cake?
Eeh, why not?
4. Are you sure?
5. Could you have it sent to my place?
Well it'll have to get through customs somehow…
6. Best holiday of the year?
Do summer holidays count? I think so.
7. Have I turned into a perv?
Me? Not a perv, per se, but more… frank?
8. Do you blame me?
Everyone gets a portion of the blame! Especially Em. She gets a chunk.
9. I like foxes, do you?
10. Pictures?
They're nice. Art really isn't my thing though.
11. Psychology?
12. Fires?
Equally cool.
13. What does a bee make you think of?
How they taste. I blame Swordy.
14. I've ran out of questions, send me some?
I WOULD, but I'm equally out.
15. Can I use the questions from the previous BL?
Pff, sure.
16. What is listening to your voice like?
Like… like… I apologise to anyone who has to hear it like.
17. Any particular food you find disgusting or refuse to eat?
Elephant poo. I don't care if it's apparently nutritious! No!
18. Level of sexual experience?
Negative five.
19. Hot drink of choice?
Tea or coffee.
20. Where did you grow up?
Same house I'm in now.
21. What can you smell?
22. Is there a certain type of animal you hate or fear?
The kind with more than four legs.
23. What is your idea of a good evening's entertainment?
Good book and a hot drink.
24. What talent would you most like to have?
The fabulous kind.
25. How do you generally treat others?
Politely, I hope?
26. Do you value faith over reason or vice versa?
I don't know. Both can work, depending on the situation.
27. Biggest scar?
Right hand, from my uncle's key. (About four centimetres.)
28. In what situation would you act heroic?
29. Can you kill? When did you decide or learn you could? What happened and how did you handle it?
Well… I once drowned a spider and felt guilty for hours afterwards.
30. What is your IQ?
No idea.
31. Are you a good cook? What's your favourite recipe?
I made chocolate chip cookies recently and as y'all know they ended up looking like pancakes.
32. Do you have any nicknames? Where did they come from?
Don't think I do.
33. What do you smell like?
Don't know.
34. How do you usually dress?
Dunno. Whatever's there.
35. What is your species/race?
Human. (Or am I? *Cackle*)