Day/time- 2013, Tuesday 8th October, 8:59 pm.
La usual. Does anyone here do French? Is it la or le here?
Nothing much new.
But I did marry Lea yesterday. Now, it lasted for more than a few hours (previous record with BTR) so I'd say it's going well. Apparently the fact that I proposed to her via email is not impressive.
Listening to- Brothers talking and Athan. Or Adhan. Azan? Whichever.
'The Sign of Four'. Hopefully I get to be classy after this. (It's so fun, you guys.)
Random thing- And after two years of promising, we went to a graveyard for religion! For learning about the afterlife and such. We were also supposed to see the morgue and learn about the burial process but we didn't.
Oldest person found: 96 years old.
Youngest: Three months.
Most recent grave dug: Yesterday.

For some reason most people were born in either the thirties or eighties.

You guys.