Only heavenly sweetness could come to my mind when I spotted her. The beautiful vixen that made the angels sing blissfully in my ears. Angels that sang the sweetest song I've ever heard… out of their sweet and gentle mouths came the word Perfidia. One guess only told me that the beautiful vixen in front of me was named Perfidia. Perfidia… What a beautiful name! I could have never met another girl as perfidious as the angel in my sights.

Miss Perfidia had eyes as blue as the sky itself, as clear as air and as deep as the ocean. Nothing could have deterred me from Perfidia's presence. Her hair was such a sweet, gentle brown… Her waves rolled gently like the hills out on the western plains, and as peacefully as waves gently creeping up the Ocean shore. She had a serene and gentle face, and I couldn't help but gaze.

To my friends nearby, my heart obviously cried out her name. Perfidia! Perfidia! It cried out again and again that sweet angel's name. The words of the great Shakespeare came to mind, and I silently asked myself, "Dear perfidious angel, wherefore art thou not mine? 'Tis by chance we greeteth here on this fine evening, and 'tis thy fault I be at such awe." How the Medieval Lords and Ladies spoke with such fine romance… Suddenly, a man close to her age took his place by her side, and it appeared that I have found the love of my life in somebody else's arms.

A friend told me and said to me, "Your eyes are echoing Perfidia again!" Oh, what did I care? The sweet and gentle Perfidia appeared to be forgetful of our promise of love, as she was sharing another's charm. Oh, how vengeful I felt towards that lucky man who dared claim my love as his. I sighed as realization dawned on me, and with a sad lament, my dreams faded like a broken melody, slipping away like water in one's cupped hands. My heart has died, and it felt as if it shall never see the light again. Oh, those Gods of love above our heads! How cruel they are to look down and laugh at what romantic fools we mortals of Earth be! Though how can I deprive them of their joy? Our species were such romantic fools that we must provide the most entertaining for those Gods of love above.

Now, I knew that my love was not for you, my dearest Perfidia, though I take it back with quite a sigh. As I have been told, there shall be many a broken heart in my days, and from now on, you shall be nothing but a sad memory in my hall of lost lovers. Dear perfidious one, I must bid ye farewell. Goodbye, my love… Goodbye… Goodbye, my sweet, and shall you forever live a happy life… Goodbye…

Lyrics to "Perfidia" by Glenn Miller:

To you, my heart cries out 'Perfidia!'

For I found you, the love of my life

In somebody else's arms.

Your eyes are echoing Perfidia…

Forgetful of our promise of love,

You're sharing another's charm.

With a sad lament, my dreams have faded like a broken melody…

While the Gods of love look down and laugh at what romantic fools we mortals be…

And now, I know my love was not for you,

And so I take it back with a sigh,

Perfidious one, goodbye!

Goodbye, goodbye…