The King's Mate: If you wish to be loved, love

(Si vis amari, ama.)


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Some of you pointed out it might be nice to read more about Ivan and Sho. I agree, so there will be their very own story 'The King's Seer: Ivan and Sho' as soon as I have finished the third part of TKM III.

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Chapter 6 (Calm before the storm, sort of.)

Noël lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling. His fingers tugged at the seam of the towel he had wrapped around his hips after taking a shower. How did this happen? One moment he and Diarmad were finally getting somewhere and then, some careless words later, everything was messed up again.

I can't help but feeling dirty and violated when I think about eyes having followed my every step, invaded my privacy, watched me... He shuddered. Nevertheless, he knew he had to do something; anything to make this better, and fast. The thing was, he didn't know how.

He wasn't angry at D., only at himself. Me and my damned trap...

Running his hand through his damp hair his gaze fell on the phone lying beside him on the comforter. Shit! 7:45 already. He had to hurry and put some clothes on ASAP if he wanted to make it to dinner on time. He was in enough hot water already, no point in getting Ivan on his case also, for being late to one of his fancy dinners.


Noël walked over to his closet and looked at the few things he'd brought. Formal clothes required. Snorting he reached for the only pair of black slacks and the one white dress shirt he still owned then opened the top dresser drawer and grabbed a pair of black boxer briefs and black socks. When he pulled the handle of another drawer open, his hand hovered over the leather belt lying in there. Diarmad gave it to me. I didn't even know I still had it... Liar!

He'd taken the damn thing with him wherever he went, like other people take their lucky charm. There had been times he'd wanted to throw it away, but somehow it had always found its way back in every suitcase, duffle, or whatever he'd packed. Shaking his head, he grabbed the belt. Maybe Diarmad will recognize it?

Noël was only a few minutes late. Of course, everybody was already present having their aperitifs. He also couldn't fail to notice that both seats at Diarmad's side were taken. To add to the obviousness, the only place setting left was the one farthest away from his mate.

For one second Noël actually entertained the childish idea of taking the under plate, napkin and silverware and placing them even further away at the other end of the table.


Nobody looked up when he greeted them and his emphatic senses felt nothing but icy cold coming his way in waves. What the fuck! Noël was getting majorly pissed the closer he came to the table. They must know it had been an honest mistake, that I would never ever say something like this to Diarmad. So why are they doing this? He probably should count himself lucky that he was even allowed into the room, not banned from it, and sent into the kitchen or in his room for misbehavior.

During the first two courses, nobody talked more than three words to him. Ivan almost slammed the plates on the under plate in front of him, and finally he had had enough. As far as he could tell, there were exactly two ways he could handle the situation: He'd either go into the kitchen, make himself a sandwich, and then go into his room, after a heartily 'go fuck yourself', of course. Or, he could...and then it struck him why his friends were giving him the cold shoulder. They want to rile me up so I do something... drastic. Okay, I can do that.

Pushing his chair back, so that it screeched loudly on the marble tiles, Noël got up and threw his damask napkin on his plate. Then he sauntered over to the top of the table, well aware that the eyes of every man in the room were on him. He was only interested in one pair of eyes though; the pair of midnight blue orbs, that slowly changed to silver the closer he came to the man.

When he finally stood beside his mate's chair, he took the glass out of Diarmad's hand and the napkin from his lap so he could straddle his thighs. Pulling him closer by his tie with his left hand so that their faces were only inches apart Noël opened his mind.

Even the most insusceptible Seraei could have read him at that moment. Noël moved his lips slowly closer to Diarmad's, giving him every chance to turn away although he still held him loosely by his tie. When nothing happened, Noël lightly brushed his lips over Diarmad's.

Now read me!

With every barrier gone Noël was an open book. Diarmad could read how Noël felt, and everybody else in the room could also. Not that Noël gave a rat's ass. This was much too important to be shy and they ought to be his friends, right?

Diarmad's arms, which until then had been hanging loosely by his sides, snapped up and grabbed Noël like a vice. One hand was placed against the back of his head, and he pulled him down for a searing kiss.

Desperately needing to be alone with Noël, Diarmad stood up without letting go of his mate and Noël was forced to wrap his long legs around Diarmad's waist and his arms around his neck, so as not to fall down. Supporting him by placing his hands under his ass, Diarmad nodded at the men around his table with as much dignity as he could manage, "Continue without us." before he left the dining room in brisk strides.


Noël squirmed in his mate's arms, finally whispering, "Let me down... you needn't to carry me..."

Diarmad gripped him even tighter, signaling him without words that he wouldn't let go of him anyway. "I know."

Reaching his rooms Diarmad shouldered the door open, and then kicked it shut behind them as soon as they were inside. Slowly letting his mate slide down his body, Noël gasped when Diarmad's hipbone brushed his hard dick. Fuck!

Then he found himself pushed up against the door. With both of his hands placed on either side of Noël's head Diarmad leaned in, his hot breath wafting over Noël's face. "So, you want my hands touching you?"

Looking up, Noël swallowed hard. "Yes."

"Ripping your clothes from your body..." Diarmad bent down, pressed his lips against Noël's rapidly beating pulse.

"Yes..." Noël tipped his head to the side, giving the searching mouth more access.

"...sinking my teeth into your vein, sucking your delicious blood?" Diarmad had opened Noël's shirt with one hand, and nipped at his collarbone with sharp canines.

Noël groaned at the brief feeling of sharp pain, which seemed to convert into hot heat pooling in his groin.

"...marking you, making you mine again?" Diarmad suddenly flipped Noël around, grabbed his shirt by its collar, pulling it down quickly, effectively locking Noël's arms behind him with the shirtsleeves. Molding himself against his mate's back, Diarmad ground his hardened cock into Noël's ass, making sure Noël knew exactly what he meant with 'marking him'.

Noël growled, not liking the feeling of being trapped. "Let go of me... I..." He struggled to get his arms free but to no avail; he was no match for Diarmad.

As if he wanted to prove his point, Diarmad wedged his leg in between his mate's thighs, opened Noël's belt buckle, then unbuttoned his fly and slid his hand over hot, damp skin into the fabric of tight boxer briefs, seeking Noël's hard, weeping dick. Tightening his hand, he urged him on, "You want this, don't fight. You're mine."

When Noël only grunted, he tightened his hand even more. "Answer me. Look me in the eyes and answer me. Are you mine?"

Noël turned his head and gazed back into his mate's swirling silver eyes, his mind still open, so that Diarmad could see exactly what he wanted, no, what he needed, even if he couldn't say it with words, and it seemed to work.

Diarmad buried his face in Noël's neck, deeply inhaling his scent. "Yes! Mine."

Stepping back he untangled Noël's arms from his shirt then turned him around, so that he leaned with his back against the door.

Diarmad let his eyes wander over the body that had haunted his dreams for so long, from surprisingly broad shoulders over erect nipples surrounded by small, tawny disks, down to a flat stomach; the open fly not only revealing his mating mark but also a hard, pierced cock, still partially covered by black fabric. He looked into his mate's teal colored eyes, discovering flecks of the familiar silver in them; one more sign that this man was truly his mate.

Locking their gazes, Diarmad got on his knees, reached out for Noël's slacks, and tugged them down completely together with his underwear. The sight of Noël's cock pointing to his face, the swollen red head already leaking drops of precum, trailing down the big silver hoop of his Prince Albert, made him growl.

Nuzzling his face into Noël's balls, he inhaled deeply the unique scent of his mate, before he ran his wet tongue up and down the hard length, swirling it around the ridge of its crown. He played with the silver ring he'd been fantasizing about since he'd first saw it, until he heard Noël's gasp.

Cupping Noël's balls with one hand Diarmad held the base of Noël's cock with the other, laving it with his tongue until his hand dripped with his own saliva. The perfect lubricant.

Afraid his legs would give out under him, Noël had to steady himself on Diarmad's shoulders when Diarmad's mouth engulfed his dick in one go. Feeling a probing finger at his entrance, he involuntarily spread his legs some more, welcoming the slight pain of Diarmad's finger sliding inside of him. He hadn't been with anyone for a very long time; hadn't felt the need. ...not until now.

"Fuck…" Noël groaned, as he sank his fingers in his lover's thick hair, trying to stave off his orgasm but it was too late. The finger in his ass, perfectly in sync with the mouth on his cock was too much. Shouting Diarmad's name, Noël bucked into his lover's mouth, filling it with his cum.

Yes! Diarmad held Noël's hips with both hands as Noël's hot seed hit his tongue; and he swallowed everything down until the last drop.

Feeling drained but content, he rested his forehead against Noël's lower stomach, his lips pressed against their mating mark.

Noël couldn't stay on his feet a minute longer; he sank down and joined Diarmad on the floor, a hand still buried in his mate's dark brown locks. Stroking back a wayward strand, Noël's arms went around Diarmad's neck, his mouth seeking his lover's lips, licking them until they parted for him. He moaned when he tasted himself on his mate's tongue. So good... His hands started to wander, that was when Noël noticed that unlike him, Diarmad still was fully clothed. Tugging on the rumpled dress shirt, he demanded, "Off..."

Without saying a word Diarmad got to his feet and held his hand out. Noël took it, and was immediately being pulled up and led by his hand to the bedroom. There Diarmad threw back the comforter as an unspoken invitation.

With his eyes never leaving his lover, Noël climbed into the bed, under the sheets and waited.

Diarmad stepped back, shrugged off his black coat, and then slowly opened the white dress shirt button by button, never taking his eyes off Noël. "I want to be inside of you. I want you wrapping those long legs around me while I finally feel your heat surrounding me again." He pulled the belt through the buckle, pulled it out of its loops, and let it fall on the floor on top of his jacket. Toeing off his Chelsea boots and socks, he unzipped his pants and let them fall down. Kicking them to the side he pushed down his boxers, never really losing eye contact with Noël. Seeing his mate's gaze wander up and down his body, he stood still a moment longer before he stalked over to the bed and straddled Noël's hips, the open dress shirt still hanging on his shoulders, enhancing the dark hair sprinkled over his chest.

Noël's breath hitched when he felt Diarmad cock grinding against his own. Long elegant fingers were running lightly up and down his sides. He couldn't help but arch his back, pressing himself even closer against Diarmad. Every touch felt so familiar, something he'd craved for so long without even knowing it.

Looking at his gorgeous man Noël realized Diarmad had everything done exactly like he'd envisioned it, including the little striptease he just did. That made him realize he'd never bothered with getting his mental shields up; he could be read like an open book. He also noticed something else for the first time: Diarmad's shields were still fully in place. As he slightly probed at them they became even stronger.

So his mate took full advantage of Noël's openness but obviously wasn't willing to do the same for him. Noël didn't know if he should be pissed or sad. Diarmad clearly still didn't trust him enough to open up, although he could see everything Noël was, everything Noël felt for him.

His first reaction was to slam his shields back on. That got Diarmad's attention. "Noël?"

"I still don't know all of your precepts, but one thing I know for sure; that when one Seraei opens himself up for another, it's common courtesy to do the same." Noël wiggled himself free from Diarmad, suddenly feeling uncomfortable naked.

Although Diarmad looked ashamed, he didn't stop him. Noël waited but when nothing more came, he got up and collected his clothes that were still lying discarded by the front door. Now he felt ashamed himself at how easy he had been.

Diarmad still sat on the bed and watched as Noël pulled on his pants without closing them, opened the door with the rest of his clothes bundled under his arm, and rushed to his room without looking back. His heart beat rapidly in his chest, only it felt as if it had broken into pieces when he saw the single tear running down Noël's face. He wanted to jump out of the bed, calling after his mate, stop him from leaving, but he was frozen in place.


Noël didn't know how he'd made the few steps into his room. All he remembered was sliding down the door, the pile of his rumpled clothes still firmly tucked under his arm. So many emotions zapped through him; the most prominent were hurt and humiliation. How could he have been so stupid? He'd bared his soul; his most inner self to his mate only to get it slapped back into his face that Noël wasn't deemed trustworthy enough to be offered the same.

When Noël finally got back to his feet his whole body was in pain; every muscle, every joint screamed at him for sitting on the floor for so long and all tensed up. He dragged himself into the shower and finally got under the hot water, still wearing his dress pants. He didn't care that they would be ruined after this, he knew in this life he would never put them on again anyway.

After just standing under the pelting water for several minutes, he eventually pushed down the soggy material of his pants and grabbed the shower gel. He proceeded to scrub every square inch of his skin as if he could wash away the feeling of Diarmad's hands and tongue on him. After that he washed his hair, pulling at the strands so hard his whole scalp burned. Everything to mask the other feelings...

The water was getting cold, and although he welcomed the numbing sensation, he eventually stepped out of the shower, toweled himself dry and walked back into his room. Standing in front of the still open closet he remembered how he'd chosen his clothes for the evening only a few hours ago.


Diarmad sat on his bed and stared at the closed door, a lonely sock still lying on the floor. The impact of what he had just done hit him at such a force, it almost suffocated him. With his actions during the last ten minutes, he had probably destroyed anything that was between him and Noël, and he had no one to blame but himself.

How he had prided himself on the fact that he had hardened; he didn't need anyone. He didn't need someone that he trusted only to be betrayed again. This was the result: He had walls around him so high that he himself couldn't tear them down, and he couldn't even let the one man in who meant everything to him.

He had to talk to someone, and only one person came to his mind; the man who had been his best friend for decades before he had driven him away, as he had everybody else: Landyn.

Without waiting until he talked himself out of this again, he grabbed his discarded pants, pulled them up, buttoned his shirt and made his way over to Simon and Landyn's room. He threw one glance at Noël's closed door, where he heard low sobbing; the sound of it almost tore his heart out.

Diarmad had to knock twice before finally a very naked Simon opened the door, a fresh bite mark on his neck. When he saw his king standing there in rumpled clothes he immediately became alerted. "What happened? Where's Noël?"

Diarmad shook his head. "I need to speak with Landyn."

Simon just started to insist when he was pushed aside by an equally naked Landyn. "Sorry love, I didn't mean to─" Landyn ran his hand down his mate's arm soothingly.

"'S okay, just make sure he didn't hurt Noël," and with that Simon turned into the room only to come back seconds later with a pair of sweats and a t-shirt in his hands. "Put these on and see what he's done. I'll be down in a minute." He looked at Diarmad, daring him to contradict him; he didn't.

Landyn and Diarmad went down into the living room where Diarmad pointed in the direction of the liquor cabinet. "You want something?"

"No damn it; just tell me what the fuck happened! I thought everything was well. Noël showed you, and everyone else in the room how he feels about you, all you had to do was show him the same and everything should have been good. How did you manage to fuck up something so simple?" Landyn asked angrily, all his prior understanding for the man forgotten.

"I could not do it," Diarmad mumbled barely audible.

"You couldn't do what? Fuck him?"

Diarmad's head shot up angrily. "Must you be so crude?" Then he turned his gaze to the calm sea outside the window. "I could not let him in, I tried, I really tried, but I could not... I froze," his voice broke.

"So what's the big deal? Explain it to him; tell him you couldn't accept his invitation to read him, at least not yet, that you need more time. He'll understand you."

"No... I mean, I did read him; I explored his mind, I saw what he wanted me to do and I-I could not resist..."

"Wait! You mean you read him without giving him the same opportunity? That's against the Codex, against everything it stands for!" Landyn was yelling by now, but he was too upset to care who could hear him.

"I know that! Why do you think I came to you? You have to help me; we need to tell him..."

"You know what? You two are getting on my last fucking nerve! First, he blabbers shit he doesn't mean that way, then you─ Fuck! Couldn't you just fuck each other's brain out and be done with it? Think of something, bare your soul if you must, but get over this, we have important shit to deal with that needs both of you on the same page, damn it." Suddenly he cocked his head. "Crap, I believe he's in the foyer..."


Noël knew he wouldn't be able to sleep, at least not without the appropriate agent called Jack, so he pulled out some semi-clean, faded black jeans and a dark green t-shirt and made his way to the door. He knew Ivan had a secret stash in the kitchen, solely for cooking purpose of course. Hopefully, everyone was either in their rooms or in the living room and he could sneak down without anyone noticing him.

Standing in front of the kitchen door Noël could hear Ivan's and Simon's muffled voices on the other side. He knew he wouldn't be able to stand their inquisitive attitude tonight, nor did he want to explain why he was in the need of booze, so he turned and walked to the living room instead, because he knew there also was a small cabinet there with all the right bottles.

The closer he came to the entrance though, the more he could hear shreds of a heated discussion going on between Diarmad and Landyn. He hesitated briefly but then decided they must have felt him coming anyway so he walked through the entire room without paying much attention to the two men facing off at the window. He walked around a chair, opened the cabinet, grabbed a bottle of Jack, and turned around lifting the liquor in greeting before he left the room without a word.

When he heard Landyn calling his name he walked faster until he almost ran up the stairs. When he got his room, he went in, locked the door behind him, threw himself on top of his bed, and opened the bottle to take one long swig. Yeah.


Noël woke to a key being turned in the lock but the door wouldn't open. Looking at the chair he had shoved under the door handle before he started his private drinking binge last night, Noël almost grinned, almost, because the slightest movements of his face caused him enormous pain. Fucking Jack!

Finally, heavy pounding could be heard and Noël needed a moment to realize it wasn't in his head but at his door.

"Noël, open the fucking door before I kick it in!" Ivan's anger practically radiated through the thick wood.

Have fun with that; it's solid oak. Noël turned away and pulled a pillow over his head. Darkness, much better.

Later in the morning, Noël couldn't ignore the incessant ringing of his phone any longer. He fumbled with the annoying thing, finally found the right button and barked, "Leave me the fuck alone!" before hanging up again. Then he slowly got up, holding his head with one hand while squinting against the bright sun coming through the partially closed shutters. There was a reason he only indulged in the comfort of Jack occasionally.

Trudging into the bathroom, his head felt like it would shatter when he heard somebody almost knocking down his door again, while yelling, "I got your breakfast and some Tylenol! Get your sorry ass into gear so we can start cleaning up the mess you two made damn it!"

Tylenol! First pee, then door. He relieved himself and washed his hands as fast as possible before he went to the door. Pulling the chair away he found a tray with lots of greasy, spicy food and the promised bottle of pills. Thank you, Ivan.

Noël washed down some pills and then started his own special way to deal with a hangover by eating two of the spicy tacos followed by some bacon and eggs. When he felt like he could try the coffee next, his head was much better. This meant also that he fully remembered why he felt like drowning his sorrows in Jack in the first place.

Going over to the window, he opened the shutters, and stepped out onto the small balcony to breathe in the fresh, clean ocean air, but this wasn't enough, he still felt suffocated. I need to get out of here.

He took a much-needed shower, threw himself into his favorite jeans and shirt, rolled the sleeves up, and grabbed his leather jacket and helmet.

When he came downstairs, Noël's gaze became immediately drawn to the door of the piano room, because for the very first time since he had arrived, it stood wide open. The sun shining through the large bay windows created an almost magical glow on the piano's black, shellacked surface, and the lid stood invitingly open.

While he was still staring, Henry came trotting out of the room, wagging his tail as if he were begging him to enter. The planned ride with his motorcycle quickly forgotten, Noël rushed through the open door.

There, in his usual chair, sat Diarmad, smiling sadly at him.

"I know it is probably too late, but I wanted to give back what always belonged to you anyway. I could never have sold your beloved Steinway; knowing how much it meant to you... and to me. As soon as I saw the pain in your eyes I was ashamed of myself that I told you I sold it..." Diarmad closed his eyes briefly, his face showing exactly the shame he felt, even now.

"Anyway, in your unique way, you showed me yesterday that you have forgiven me and that you still loved me; that for you these things belong to the past." Diarmad looked up seeking his mate's reaction and Noël saw tears pooling in his man's silvery eyes.


Diarmad shook his head. "I thanked you by showing you in my unique way my inability to let go of my guilt, my trust issues, and the wall I built around me and my heart. On top of this, I violated the Codex by scanning your mind without granting you the same courtesy. Noël, I know this is unforgivable, even if it is too late now, let me give you this," and then Noël was immersed by Diarmad's mind; he suddenly felt all his sorrow and his despair, but above all this, he felt his determination to fight for Noël with all he had.

This could have answered all the questions Noël had in the past: Why Diarmad hadn't told him about the circumstances of the assassination earlier. What he felt seeing him with Kris, but suddenly all of this wasn't important anymore. Maybe later...

He gestured for Henry to wait outside the room. "Guard the door." Then his eyes sought Diarmad. Walking over to Diarmad's chair, he never lost eye contact.

"I think we have some unfinished business left from last night, don't you think?" With these words Noël bent down, steadied himself with his hands on his mate's shoulders before he brushed his lips over Diarmad's mouth. Then he did it again and Diarmad shuddered. Moving his hands down the sides of Noël's body, Diarmad gripped his hips, and growled, "Kiss me properly."

Noël managed a playful bow. "As you wish my King" He then ran the tip of his tongue around the seam of Diarmad's lips until his lover gripped him harder. "Noël..."

Quickly hiding his grin, he plunged his tongue deeply between barely open lips, finally making himself familiar again with the taste of his mate's mouth.

When they finally broke apart Diarmad's mind was still open and Noël could feel hope, joy relief and passion, but also apprehension. Searching his mate's eyes, he started to unbutton Diarmad's dark blue shirt, following his hands with his lips. After slipping the last button through its hole, he parted the shirt by running his flat hands over Diarmad's chest and shoulders. When he touched the mark he'd given Diarmad, it felt as if an electric current was running from his fingers right through his arm, through his body and into his cock. Damn.

Noël pressed his lips against the leaping black cat before he trailed down to the nipple under it. Diarmad threaded his hand through Noël's hair, holding him in place; as Noel bit lightly into the beaded nub, then licked it soothingly, before he kissed his way up again. Reaching Diarmad's ear, he whispered, "I need you." To emphasize what exactly he meant he ran his hand down Diarmad's chest to cup his cock. Squeezing it a little more he ran his palm up and down the hard length pressing against the fabric.

Noël suddenly found himself lifted in the air, and placed on the hastily closed piano lid. Letting his legs fall open involuntary, he watched Diarmad step forward, his hands on the first buttons of Noël's jeans and then he stopped. "Shit. We don't have any─"

Noël stared at him a little thrown by his man's very uncharacteristic choice of words before he grinned, nodding in the direction of his jacket. "Inside pocket..."

Grabbing the jacket lying on the floor beside the piano, Diarmad searched the pockets until he held up the lube triumphantly, then his expression darkened and his hand holding the small tube tightened.

Noël knew exactly what was going on his mate's mind and he hurried to answer the question before it was asked. "Just my overly-optimistic self; I bought it at a rest stop before I came here..."

Watching him closely for a moment, as if he was assessing the truth in Noël's words, Diarmad finally bent forward to kiss Noël's neck, letting his hands trail down his sides until he found the buttons again. Noël's swollen cock sprang free of its confinement as soon as he had it completely open.

When Diarmad didn't do anything more Noël looked up. "What?"

With a possessive glint in his eyes, Diarmad grabbed Noël's dick, rubbing his thumb over the sensitive spot right under the head. "No underwear? Where did you want to go?"

Noël shrugged. "Just for a ride with the bike. I've been feeling confined, frustrated and needed to get out, clear my mind. Why?"

"You belong to me. You're mine..., if we do this you're mine."

Noël frowned and poked his finger accusingly in Diarmad's chest. "If this shall work, you have to trust me."

Diarmad closed his eyes, then whispered in a barely audible voice, "I know, I do."

Suddenly understanding Diarmad still needed reassurance; Noël reached out for him and pulled him against his body until he could lean his forehead against Diarmad's chest. Feeling the rapidly beating heart, he confirmed in a soothing voice, "I'm yours."

After some time he nuzzled his face into Diarmad's chest murmuring, "Where were we?"

Diarmad's hand trailed down Noël's back until he reached the waistband of his jeans. Running his finger over the crease of Noël's ass, Noël moaned. Finally, he couldn't stand it any longer and hopped from the piano, sat on the piano bench and pulled off his boots before he pushed down his pants and threw them aside.

He got up, turned around, his hands resting on the piano lid and presented his backside. Looking over his shoulder he promised, "Tonight we'll make love, slow and sensual, but right now I need you to fuck me, claim me, and make me yours."

He sighed relieved, when he heard the rustling of clothes, felt arms wrap around his waist, and was pulled against the warmth of a hard body.

Noël placed his own hands over Diarmad's, leaning back and rested his head on his mate's shoulder.

They stayed like this until Noël started to get impatient and rubbed his ass against the hard erection he could feel pressing against him.

Chuckling, Diarmad grabbed Noël's chin and turned his head for a messy, sloppy kiss, and at the same time massaging Noël's entrance.

Noël groaned, "'S been a while."


When Noël started shoving back, Diarmad took it as a sign to push his finger in.

"More, need more."

"Is that so?" Noel felt Diarmad's hand between his shoulder blades, pushing him until he leaned forward, his hands once again on the piano in front of him. Kissing down his spine until he reached the cleft between his buttocks, Diarmad spread him open with both hands.

Noël felt the broad head of Diarmad's cock touching him, stretching him, until he could slide in. "Open up, let me in."

Noël tried to relax around the thick shaft filling him. The slight pain was quickly replaced by the overwhelming sensation of rightness, of relief, of belonging. When he felt Diarmad pulling back and then slamming forward until he was all the way in, owning him, making him give himself over, he felt all his fears melting away; he was finally where he belonged again.

"I love you."

"My mate..." Diarmad murmured. "Mine..."

"Fuck me..."

"Trying to command your king, my love?" This was the last words Noël could consciously understand before he was lost in a haze of intense passion, reduced to just feeling.

Grabbing his hips, Diarmad thrust in deeply, and then did exactly what Noël had demanded, while simultaneously stroking Noël's cock, but every time Noël thought he would come, he felt Diarmad's hand tightening around his cock, holding off his orgasm.

Noël thought he was going insane, finally starting to plead with his mate to let him come, begged, and almost sobbed until he heard the words he'd waited for: "Come for me..."

He yelled his mate's name as he came into Diarmad's fist, who then, after a last hard thrust filled him with his hot essence while sinking his teeth in Noël's neck.


Resting on his mate's lap Noël's asked, "Will we make it this time?" and Diarmad tightened his arms around his lover, feeling complete for the very first time after so many years. "Yes, we will."