There are chambers in the heart. They are not only for blood. They are the passage ways of every emotion, and these emotions swirl around inside you until you decide what to make of them. It is that swirl that can be the most confusing of all, because one day it is there, but the next it is gone.

Cotton Candy Swirl


by XxmickeyTxX


The flush on your skin beckons to my touch.
I must caress it gently,
I have to feel the rush.

My heart says yes, but My head says no.
There is a familiar ache in my chest,
and your pulse makes my head go.
I do not want this feeling,
it brings back my memories of pain.
But I like this warmth,
it gives off the feeling of that of the same.

The whisper of your words call out to my core.
I must open the door,
I have to hear them more.

My heart says no, but My head says yes.
There is a feeling of ingenuity,
as I lay my head against your chest.
Like a fly to a lamp,
my head has sucumbed to your call.
But it is this time when my heart realizes,
that she does not want to fall.

The softness of your fingertips tap against my skin.
I must lean into them,
I have to allow myself to give in.

My heart says no, but My head says no.
The floor flows from under me,
as I slowly melt down into the pink and sweet snow.
I want you to need me,
I want you to make me stay.
However I do not want to hurt you,
so I suggest that you just let me walk away.

The sweetness of your soul makes my stomach churn.
I must taste it,
I have to allow myself to give into my yearn.

My heart says yes, but My head says yes.
I am baffled by the thought of your still being here,
almost as if you are watching me undress.
The swirls you bring to my heart,
it is something I have always longed for.
I do not deserve your love,
I do not deserve you trust,
but if I am what your sweetness yearns for,
then I am yours.

From a Caramel Queen, to her Cotton Candy King.
It is this swirl of gentle, caring love,
that make my heart and head sing.

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